Happy Birthday to Niro (December Call for Submissions)

It’s the first time in a long time I’m at home for a day that coincides with the day I was born and this really means a lot to me. So it is only right that I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for the life I live;
I’m thankful for family, friends and acquaintances that have made stood by me even in times I thought I could go through myself;
I’m thankful for dreams that have been achieved, for the joy that I feel;
I’m thankful for the grace to spell “I’m” and the patience to not chastise those that spell it as “am”;
I’m thankful for everything, for the good health, for the first zero hospital visits in a long while;
I’m thankful for the ability to get back up when I fail, to not give up and to continue with smiles;
I am thankful, for me, for you and for everybody.
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday Niro! Niro is one friend that has been so instrumental to many events in my life this year. Full of energy and big dreams, you will never meet someone as funny and engaged as him. More power to your elbows dear friend.
2015 Review Calendar
Yemi walked into the room and set his bags on the floor by an old kerosene stove. Should he complain? Well, he had a roof over his head and it was raining outside. Thankfully the rain had begun just after he walked into the house after spending nearly an hour looking for the emergency keys Lolade had hidden in the overgrown vegetable garden. Sometimes Lolade could be so unclear in his descriptions and BBM did nothing to help the communication.
Wasn’t that how his life was at this point? Unclear? Looking for the keys to a place where he could lay his head and rest? What was God’s plan for his life? Was there even one? Was there a higher purpose to his life? It always seemed like he was just a drunken fly staggering from one puddle of beer to the next. 
Yes his UK masters project had been voted the best by the department. Yes he was the only Nigerian in his class that graduated with a merit and not a pass. But had that made any difference to his employment chances in Europe and in Nigeria? A spider moved cautiously across its perfectly constructed web. Yemi found that funny because he wondered what would attract insects to such a run down house. Perhaps there was a light that only came on at night in this shack but he would have to wait till the power was restored if at all to find out.
Why was everything today appearing to have a deeper significance? Why was he waxing so philosophical? If he had a job in the UK would he be reasoning like this and seeing meanings where there were none to be found? How long before he lost his mind to the thoughts that occupied his idle mind because of joblessness? 
Why had 2015 been such a bittersweet year?
Yes, dear Story Tellers, it’s that time of the year again. We are accepting entries for the 2015 Guest End of Year Review.
This will be the 5th edition of the series and writers and readers alike have testified of the life changing impact that writing and reading their stories has had on their lives. For some people who have written from year to year, the change in their lives has been highlighted in contrasts so great that they have even wondered if they were the same person that wrote the reviews from year to year.
Now it’s your turn. Pick a day, preferably a free day on the calendar above that you would love to tell your story. We must warn you though. You have to be ready to actually tell your story (and not give us broad, sweeping philosophical musings about why life can be so mysterious). No.
We want to see you. We want to hear you. We want to hug you. We want your personal unique heartfelt story. If you are not up to it you can also take a back seat and identify with the heartfelt accounts you read from day-to-day here in the comments section.
Starting from Tuesday the 1st of December (traditionally reserved for Moyin), 2 posts will go up everyday for the entire month of December in the 2015 Guest End of Year Review. Send in your drafts, along with a photo you want us to use (not necessarily of yourself but it’s fine too) to hi@stories.ng. We will review the entries and alert the writers of their post dates by email a day to posting.
See you in December 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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