Woohoo!! We made it!

I enjoyed this challenge. I didn’t realize it would be this much fun or this hard. At first I was skeptical about being able to complete it. Then I became worried about what I was going to put up the next day. I then moved to being worried that I would not have enough time to actually put up a post. Ideas and topics were coming effortlessly.

Shout out to Abigail, Tiana, Kelvin, Fola and Ajike who inspired five of the posts this month. Sometimes it would be a statement, a thought or a call that would trigger an idea for a post. Sometimes I would start posts and realize they were bigger than I thought. The two mini series, Goes to School and Let’s Play, I thought would be one post entries. They spiralled into three or more and based on that I struck out some other ideas. Can’t be writing about petroleum engineering or physical fitness and taking all the time in the world. Perhaps it was a door I closed but hey August has only 31 days.

Shout out to Jumoke, Ajoke, Olatox, Timi, Ebun, Tip, and Arinolaoluwa for sharing the links, commenting and liking. I do this for me but I would be lying if I didn’t say I do it for you guys too. Much love.

I went through the book of Proverbs this month too a chapter everyday in the Message translation. I failed in that challenge. I missed three whole days. Reading my bible everyday is a challenge I’m not ending this month. On the average it takes me about fifteen minutes to read a chapter and that should not be so hard to do. I guess I realized where my priorities have been all along and I intend to correct that, so help me God. Shout out to Preye for some of the verses quoted from Proverbs on the days I had to put up verses before I could read. She was my unconscious challenge partner for the Proverbs chapter a day project and I pray God blesses her abundantly.

There’s a part of me in all the characters I’ve described in my stories this month. Some of them I’m not there yet but I admire and aspire to be. I found it funny reading my descriptions because I hope I have enough time in life to build all those parts of my character.

Where do we go from here? I’ll be writing a bit more regularly here. I’ll also be accepting guest posts from anyone who resonates with the feel of 19th Street so feel free to subscribe and send in your entries too. One way I enjoy reading the 200 posts on here is by clicking on the categories on the right side. I hope with the next hundred entries we will have so much more fun here.

I have a new job in addition now πŸ˜€ I’m in charge of the Crayola Diaries on thenakedconvos.com, dedicated to the true life stories hardly anyone gets to hear otherwise. You’re welcome to read our lives there and tell us your stories there too, anonymously if you wish.

My friend Abigail is taking over tomorrow with a post everyday on 38 life defining things or moments in her life. She’s a prolific writer I respect very much but for the period of this personal challenge of mine, she went offline on her blog. I intend to do the same until she’s done with my blog. I guess that will give you the time to catch up on all the posts you’ve missed here on 19th Street, as well as enjoy her personal journey (she’s an excellent tour guide).

So what do you guys think of the blog entries this month? Do you think they were worse or better than the other ones I had more time to prepare for? Which was your personal favorite?

Thanks for staying with me through this challenge. πŸ™‚ See you in October.


A good woman is hard to find,
and worth far more than diamonds.
( Prov. 31:10, The Message)