Good Year, Regardless


Every year since at least 2016 when I started reading other people’s year reviews, I’ve always wanted to do one but have never gotten the gall to actually do it. I’m always too shy sharing my year online in I’ve always thought that it feels like an opening of the fowl nyash without an accompanying breeze.

Efe: *blows breeze*

So here is a listicle of what happened to me in the year 2020

The Highs:

1. Spiritually, I developed a personal relationship with God, and I am proud of that. I decided to use the app as a search engine for my diverse moods, questions and attitudes. My new habit helped me connect deeper to the people and environment around me, in a way I’d like to think is rather “unreligious” but truly practical. Everything the bible says, when given context and discernment, is practical.

2. Academically and career wise, I finished my house job and earned my full licence to practice medicine in Nigeria. In 2019, I had to travel to Zamfara state for my compulsory one – year internship. Zamfara state was where I learnt to hone my Hausa language skills to the B2 level that it is currently, so I was especially glad to have added a new language under my belt. I was happy to have completed that one year stay in Zamfara without any accidents or violence.

I was also able to complete 4 professional development courses in the past year. I passed all the professional exams I attempted in 2020, and I’m glad to say that I ended the year on a higher note than I had started it, having smashed all the academic and professional goals I set for myself, EXCEPT reading more and writing more. Yeah, the earth took a whole trip round the sun without me putting thoughts to paper, I blame my undisciplined Twitter usage, where I type fleeting thoughts instead of fully developing them.

3. I was financially responsible in 2020. I was able to meet most of my responsibilities towards my professional exams. I invested in Rise and invested in the US Stocks. The year 2020 is not complete without a mention of the Rona and how it affected everything. The pandemic affected the global economy especially with the lockdown. Eventually, the lockdowns were eased up and the US economy made an effort to recover. I bought into Risevest US stocks during the dip, and I joined them in the recovery and the returns are there for all to see. I had a target of USD [Redacted] before year end and I met it. I also continued my investments with CrowdyVest and some of my savings were done on PiggyVest.

I started a side hustle teaching IELTS, achieving a measure of success with that. It is not easy, teaching, but I find that I enjoy it well. You’d always catch me on my TL teaching one thing or the other, providing solicited answers to those who ask. I focused on IELTS helping my clients achieve their goals and also helping me earn.

4. I met a lot of people for the first time in 2020, some in Abuja but I also travelled to Lagos. Lagos is such a stressful city, fell sick there, but I think it I’d like to brave the city again, to experience the city in good health.


2020 was not without its challenges, however.

The Lows:

1. The joy of completing Housemanship training was quickly sucked out by the unplanned delays with my NYSC mobilisation. I did not have a job for almost a chunk of the year, but I was still bleeding cash. Worse than this, I felt a lot of emotional trauma as I felt that time was quickly passing by. I felt static and the pressure was more because I felt I delayed in school a lot and I felt entitled to a speedy picking up of everything else after.

2. I did not write as much as I thought I would. In fact, I did not write at all. I always had an excuse to get out of doing so, and I am not proud of that. I also said that I would read more in 2020, but I failed to say how many books a month I should have targeted, and so this goal was easy to miss. I did read a lot of long reads and I studied up and researched new ideas though, but I did not “read” in the traditional way that I was used to.

3. I also said I would learn how to code in Python, well, I did no such thing. I probably coded for a cumulative period of 20 hours. For python, I felt like it was going to be such a huge detour with all I had in my plate for 2020, therefore I pushed it to a later date when it would be more feasible to learn it. Pushing Python was logical, not writing at all was just laziness.

4. The same laziness caused 2020 to be the year with the least physical exercise for me in recent times. A lazy workman blames his tools and I blamed my lack of shoes or sportwear whereas in the past, I had exercised a lot without shoes.

(Efe: Getting workout wear you enjoy wearing is a huge motivation for working out. Get them!)


For 2021:

1. I hope to pass all the exams I have put before me and apply for at least one scholarship before its expiry date.

2. I hope to get serious about marriage, once I’m able to support a family. There was a pandemic in 2020, it was not the one from China, but a large number of people were affected with a bad case of the engagementitis. I hope to be affected too this year, it means that I would be more intentional towards my relationships when anything comes along the way.

3. I hope to exercise for a cumulative period of at least 6 weeks this year, or more.

4. I didn’t write last year, hopefully, this year I do. I will also continue to read and study and learn.


You have come to the end of my 2020 listicle. Hopefully, 2021 brings us more content.



Dear Content King Henry VIII, it was fun to read how you attacked your goals in 2020. All things considered, you outdid yourself. (Financially responsible? Thumbs up!)

Please build on what you started. Love to see it!




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