Good afternoon: Sweetie

I honestly do not know where to begin. It’s been one hell of a year. My thankful meter is set to overflowing. It has been quite the year. It’s all happened so quickly and has left me so much closer with God, myself and my family (where friends = family)

Started the year of living with a friend because I’d had trouble at my old place. I wasn’t unhappy, but life could have been better. I had love, family and friends from God himself. I stayed thankful, wanting to be mad about something but realising that God makes everything perfect in his time.

I got a surprise call at 7am one morning from an old friend that catapulted me into my current job. Out of Lagos. I fought with that decision but I believe very strongly that I made the right choice for me. It’s been a whirlwind. I was literally thrown into the deep end and I’ve loved most of it. I’ve learned a lot in such a short time and the career opportunities from here are endless. Plus I’ve got God on my side.

I’ve also loved living in uyo. Away from the noise and general heat of Lagos. Learning my language more, eating great fresh food, travelling a lot and just meeting different people. It’s been tough being so far from my friends but we’ve made the most of it. I’ve never been closer to my friends and family.

My vibe for this year was peace of mind and earthy tones. Channelling Erykah Badu. A student of Baduism 😂. I’ve learnt to let go easily of things that rob me of my peace of mind. My skin is glowing and my relationship with God is booming. What more can I ask for?

There have definitely been downs, but 2017has been a year where the good has hugely outweighed the bad. God has sent me a support system to die for in V, V & R. My mum is my entire life. My dad has been more thoughtful than ever. My sisters and my babies are literally my heart.

Work drama has been lit! 😂 I’ve definitely cried a few tears, but my life is literally a movie rn and I still don’t believe most of it is happening to me.

I really want to explore my business side. Because money fit me die and I want/need lots of it. 😂😂. Looking out for mentors willing to share and teach. I’ve pushed back lots of things I think I’ll be good at, but this next year is one for taking big leaps. No risk, no reward right?

Here’s to an even better 2018. With even greater opportunities, closer friendships, getting back to fitness and continuing to live my best life! The motto for next year is #ChopLife2018 (Halima did it again 😂).

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