I’m here
And yet not
I know what I want.
Will I find all that I seek, all that I have sought?
I’m bruised and battered, I have loved,
I have fought
Daughter of no faith,wife
Of Lot
Look back and get turned into a pillar
Of salt

Journey lies ahead
Where is my hope?
Keep your salvation
You tell me to dream, then tell me not to worry
What does the future hold, where
Is my destination?
Will I ever be free, or chained to
Eternal damnation?

Everytime I travel
To the city of the past
Navigate the boulevards of my own creation
Caress my achievements, sing
My own adulation
I am as free as can be, unencumbered
By false hopes
What will be
Already is.

Now I want to take a plunge
Swim the seas of the future
Ignite my time machine
I haven’t traversed these roads
But it is a journey so novel
Then I realize
I have been here
I have been here
In my dreams.

I laugh.
Child, it is what it seems
What you want it to be
Create your own picture
Fly into the future.


I am Raks. I love to read and live in people’s heads. Writing is my way of showing the world what is in my head.


Bluestocking. Dilettante. Pluviophile.

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