Fleeting: The Final Act

Fleeting: The Final Act

Looking back now, staring long and hard into the Abyss I have become,

Forever lost in a 24 hour loop of Midnight,

I see it all clearly now, how Life’s tilt drew me close to the edge,

“Do they hear me?… Do they see me?  Jumping off this ledge”

Cowering in a corner, Behind these black walls, slipping away

Will mama notice?, I have cleaned out my room so she doesn’t have to when I’m gone.

The loneliness, now irresistibly attractive.


I think of the wise King Solomon,

Far beyond the wisdom of man, far beneath the wisdom of God.

And all that wisdom summed into three words: “All is vanity”,

There are no truer truths than the blank spaces of emptiness in between those words.


So let the universe be theatre, may she witness this final act

I bid mirrors and shadows farewell, they listen, they understand, they are my friends,

One final bow and I draw a close, to this mime act called life.

A fleeting tragic satire, parody, of master and puppet

The voices in my head get louder and louder

I am as a puppet on life’s strings, dangled endlessly, tirelessly,

my screams of agony are muffled in feathered pillows,

In an instant I cut loose these strings!

The show is over.


I see crowds disperse; as the master prepares my replacement,

for the first time, in that moment, I am free.

sprawled on the stage, tired, worn out, Lifeless, I am free.

One last breath to see the stars, high in the sky, mighty and vast

I bask now in their afterglow,

Fleeting, softly, gently so.


Basically, the Average: Hats, Plain-tees, denims and shorts, Bare feet, Sea-view on a Beach, beneath a coconut tree shade, Guitar in hand.. kinda guy. As free as spirits come, An Earthling with a yearning to live.

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