Five Must See States In the US

The United States of America is humongous. There are 50 states in all, each one with its unique identity.

You can travel from one state in the East Coast to another in the West Coast and find a totally different terrain and people. I have been to 18 states in all and no state is like the other. Infact the state of New York by itself is different as you go from the city upstate.

Of the 19 states I have been, these five are must sees:

1. New York: New York, New York….I lI’ve close to the city and consider myself a New Yorker by association but honestly living in NYC is for heroes. I love the entire state because it is a mix of everything and everyone. There is Manhattan with its tall buildings and cold rich people. Wall Street with more money than whole countries. Brooklyn with its hippies and young upcoming folks. HarleM which reminds me too much of Lagos. Drive a few hours and you will come to Buffalo, Rochester, Ithaca, Greece, Albany. These places are closer to Northern neighbors-Canada. Coming here in winter is for the brave. The summers however  are some of the most beautiful in the world. See NYC but don’t forget the small towns upstate.

2. Colorado: Everyone agrees-Colorado is the pearl of America. Mountains, hills,  waterfalls,  forests… Start with Denver and head over to Colorado Springs. Take in a concert at Red Rocks in the summer and ski during the winter at Breckenridge. Denver summers are enriching -there are fairs everywhere showcasing the diversity of the people. Fair warning about this state:You will never want to leave.

3. Virginia: Virginia is for lovers. Do I need to say more? Virginia is the cousin to DC without the rudeness of the people or cold weather. It hosts one of the richest counties in America and has southern charm written all over it even though it really isn’t the south. If you want to learn more about the history of the US,then visit Virginia and Boston. Try a Cracker Barrel while in Virginia. The food will make you feel like you are in heaven.

4. California: Phew. I have only been to San Francisco and plan to go to LA soon but San Francisco was like magic.  Everything you have heard about Silicon and Napa Valley is true

 It is expensive,  it is rich, it is hippie, it is beautiful, it is freaking brilliant. I can’t imagine how much more LA will be.

5. Massachusetts : God how I love this state. Even though I struggle with the pronounciation. I about definitely a East Coast girl as you tell by the list. MA tells the story of America perfectly-at least the America after the first immigrants.  It is a long uncomfortable tale. In places like Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico  etc, you will learn the stories of America before the first ships landed. 

6. Lastly DC. See the White House and all those important buildings like the Federal Reserve and head over to Virginia. DC also has some great malls. I love shopping here.

What states have you visited in the US? Here is my bucket list for this year:

Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee 


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