Evening: Christabel

‎I love HIM SO MUCH.
He held me.
He lifted me.
He heard me.
I’m still a work in progress.
‎This year started in October of 2013 for me. I had just gotten a new boss and I was learning like crazy. The man knew a whole new dimension of Monitoring and Evaluation and could teach! So I came into 2014 just learning as fast as I could. I had started volunteering at the organisation I was in, just before the end of NYSC in February. As at then, I figured I would volunteer in Uyo till my cash ran out then I’d go back home to Lagos. Lol. Little did I know. January 2014 marked 1 year of my fulltime volunteering and I was soaking it all up. My new boss was taking classes with us (which is rare in NGOs like ours’). Also, I had gotten my official volunteer’s contract in October so yeah! Things were looking good.
My official volunteer’s contract expired in March and everything somersaulted! Like epic somersaulting! See, it wasn’t as though they were paying us (we were 2) good cash as volunteers but 25k salary and the occasional perdiemable trip was ok. Around the beginning of April, we started hearing rumours that we would be called to interview for a proper job. We were so happy. Then one day, my friend was called for an interview but I wasn’t! I was so scared. I called my boss and told him to help me find out what’s up. He found out my name was not even on the list of shortlisted candidates. I went into anger and then panic mode. Lol! How can I have volunteered for an organisation for so long and then you won’t even shortlist me for the interview? ARE ALL OF YOU IN HR HIGH?????????? I called anyone I knew could help me! It was a horrible day! I couldn’t even pray! All I did was ask for God’s help. And HE showed UP!
The following day was a Saturday morning and my boss called me at 6am to ask me to send him my CV. Apparently, despite the fact that I had updated my CV severally, it didn’t update on the server. So all they saw was the first and probably the worst CV I had written which was over a year before. The devil was out to get me but God wasn’t playing either! I got called for the interview the following Monday and it went excellent! So I thought it was all over! Finally, I would get a decent salary. One commensurate to the work I was doing! People had even started congratulating me and I was in the ZONE! Then the waiting game began!
HR did not call after the interview in April. They didn’t even blink in May. And by June, we were hearing rumours that the positions had been cancelled! Cancelled ke? At this point, I just hit rock bottom. I took permission from my boss and hightailed it home. See, the bigger problem at that time was that the 25k salary was gone and the per diems were less than frequent. I had to call my brother and ask for money. This is something I HATE to do. I hate asking anyone for anything! I was broke and broken and I just needed to get away. The words ‘things fall apart and the centre cannot hold’ began to make a lot of sense to me.
After a few weeks at home, I decided to go back to Uyo just so I wouldn’t be idle. The day before I was going to leave, I went to see my friend and was just chilling (eating amala) with him and just talking through the pain. Then I got a call from HR, asking if I was still interested in the job. I started 1st of July on a one year contract. Brethren! Praaaaaaaaaaissssse Master Jesus! I’m still loving my job sha. I’m still doing the same work I was doing as a volunteer but I’m getting paid for it.
Though the vision may tarry for awhile, it shall live and not die.
‎LOL! This year lolled me! I didn’t meet one potential or even connect with anybody. I really wanted to meet someone and fall in love and all of that but LOL.
‎My parents got their first grandchild! Yaaaaay! And there’s another bun in the oven! But it wasn’t all fun. The project my dad was working on ended and it wasn’t renewed. So, by July ending, he lost his job. Ah mean, this is ‘almighty’ daddy, who I could ask for money and now just like that! Mehn! Life happens! But we never lacked! My baby bros’ school fees were paid effortlessly. My dad was never moved. In November, he moved to another project! My Father in Heaven don’t play!
‎I didn’t make any new friends this year. Ok! Lemme rephrase that! I didn’t make any new close friends. This year, I reconnected with a crazy beautiful friend of mine. Love you all the way to the moon and back Zinnie! This year, my beautiful friend ‘Denike got married! I’m was so happy. This year, a guy broke up with my friend because ‘the love he had for her had finished’. LOL. He’s not well. This year, my friend Glory, moved away from her old place of work to a new place and a new city. It was a tough transition, but God saw her through. This year, we had one prayer meeting like that. It was the awesomest most amazingest thing. Just us girls. I can’t wait for us to meet and pray like that again.
That’s my 2014 Review!
That was delightful to read! I dunno why reading about your job ish just had me smiling sheepishly. Your father in heaven don’t play AT ALL! Thanks for sharing Christabel and welcome to stories.ng 😀


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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