First, a minute of silence for all the drafts that didn’t make the final script.

Well, 2018 was a roller coaster but I made it through. This year, I gave more and more without complaining about not receiving. I smashed my goals especially my financial goals and lived life a little.

I started the 2018 on a high note. I had changed my job late last year because there was no career progression at my former firm for me. January was tight for me. I have never been as busy as I was in January and I was disconnected from the world outside work. I was working from 8 am to 12 midnight on weekdays and putting in 5 hours on weekends. I eventually found a balance and went on to self-discovery.

My best friend was raped in February by someone she trusted to protect her; someone she shared her all with. It was the saddest part of the year for all of us and I was more than confused. She was not willing to take actions against him at the time and I was the only person she had talked to about it. I really didn’t know how to go about it and for a while I just couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t do anything about it. The incidence led to eventful months for us; months where I saw the most bubbly person I know become a shadow of herself. It took a lot of therapy to have her bounce back and though she hasn’t healed completely, the journey is looking fruitful.

I broke off my relationship in March when I realized he wasn’t what I wanted as a person and stringing him along would be a waste. It’s strange how you make the right decision and go on to sulk over it. Like I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t him but moving on was really difficult. I don’t know how he must have felt in those times when it seemed like we were back together and then I zone off on him (these things are difficult).

April, May and June just passed by. I can’t even remember any event from those months except following my friend for her sessions.

Got my first promotion in July and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I mean I had not been with the firm for up to a year. I told everyone who meant something to me about it. For the first time, I understood why people testify about promotions. I’ve always thought you get promoted every year as long as you put in the required work. Mahn, the corporate world doesn’t work that way; you can put in all the hard work and be told “the firm’s interests come first”.

August was hectic. Some people are heartless. A colleague stole my earphones straight from my phone box. Like I had not even unboxed the phone yet. I haven’t gotten my earphones back because no substantive evidence to prove who the thief was. My office best friend left the firm and moved to the abroad. Sad stuff and hard times. I feel like a divorcee. How can the LOML leave me just like that? There’s no one to have the eye gossip with anymore and it feels like everyone in the office is wondering how I manage to show up everyday. Now I have to start a new relationship from the scratch. Like, I need to adjust to a new person just like that tears I’m happy for my girl and unbothered about my office haters – they’ll be alright las las.

September saw me working extra time to ensure I cover up every loose ground before proceeding for my leave in October, spending weekends in class and studying almost all the time. October was calm, I was indoors studying and losing weight unintentionally. It was tough!

Eish! ICAN is difficult. I salute all those winning prizes every year; y’all are the real MVPs. I’ve actually never prepared for an exam as much as I did for my ICAN exams this year. I almost lost my mind in the process; at some point I thought of packing up and dropping on nice quote as an excuse but nah, I pushed through and completed it.

December, we turn up and give to charity. Gone through a lot to be in low spirits. In December, I learnt to be unbothered about what people had to say – they’ll talk anyways, so I’ll just do me flips hair

I’m grateful for 2018. For all I learnt, gained and lost. For growth, the ups and the downs. The tears and the laughter. For the busy times and the free times.

I’m positive about 2019 because I know it’ll be better.

Whatever you do in 2019, do not rape anyone.

For 2019, I say:
“So I yield to you and to your careful hands.”
Hillsong – New Wine

Miss Anon

"With a false name, I can be anybody..... anybody as long as I am careful about the way I write. All that anyone would see are my words, my feelings, me." - Orton Scott Card (paraphrased) Are you Miss Anon like me?

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