Eleven Months Like Christmas

I’m reblogging this from the Naked Convos here. I think it’s an important Christmas reminder. Enjoy and act

Eleven Months like Christmas
A grungy look, the dust sprinkles on my neatly packed hair
Runny nose and crack lips follow suit
What a season!
Yeah, it’s Christmas

Moisturizer, check
Lip gloss, check
Lip balm
*sigh check

The season is dear to the hearts of many
Not just because it’s the end of the year
But because it’s the time thanks are showered on those who made the year great
We appreciate the gift of generosity bestowed on us by everyone

A kid has many wishes
I know it may seem too much to ask for
But all I want for Christmas
Is not just gorgeous pleated Louis Vuitton

NO! It’s not just an overflowing food store to guarantee that I don’t starve
It’s not just an academic sponsorship to a University of my dreams
It’s not just to have my home’s bank account grinning with enough
It’s not just a new school bag or school books, even though I need those…

All I want is that I’m remembered not only during festive seasons
Is that the love, charity and care of December spill from the first month to the Eleventh
That the warm embrace extends beyond open arms to available arms
In thoughts, I seek to be remembered

I need YOU as a guide in February
One to celebrate me when I’m crowned with success in August
One to hold me in June and whisper: “It’s alright… Ruth”
All I want for Christmas is YOU, you, and you.

My name is… Idada Ruth, I’m an orphan in September too.

(Compiled by @McBethThePoet, @segunAyoade, @toluOloruntoba and Old-Rugged)

Adapted and Read at the Christmas Charity Concert, Ibadan by Idada Ruth, an orphan at the Jesus Children Mission, Bodija (08033843762)


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