Efe Goes to School Part 3

During my NYSC service year I tried my hands at applications. All sorts of applications, masters, jobs, etc. The result of this was
During my NYSC service year I tried my hands at applications. All sorts of applications, masters, jobs, etc.

The result of these applications boiled down to having to choose between a job or going ahead with my masters on a scholarship. It was a tough choice. The interviews I’d attended had many masters holders from abroad who’d come back to look for jobs. Even the HR department staff urged me not to turn down the job for a programme I would not be sure of getting a job with afterwards.

After multiple consultations and prayers, I decided to go with the scholarship option. I felt it would be a chance to actually be lectured instead of having to just study to pass exams. I had to also find out whether I was just being content as a local champion too. Besides, the offer was for Imperial College London! All expenses paid and first time abroad. Please!

Though my masters was for the same course I had done my first degree in, I was already learning something new in my very first class. The lecturers were intelligent and so were the students. Lectures went on at a choking pace, there was simply no time for extracurricular activities.

This particular lecturer insisted on loading us with multitudes of assignments. 90% (OK lemme not exaggerate, 50%) of his class lectures went over my head. Perhaps it was because I had no chance to do any pre reading and because I was too tired from staying up the night before to absorb anything.

His exam was the one I’d prepared the most for as well as the hardest I’d ever written in my life. I barely managed to pass after being upgraded LOL. Safe to say many scholars were humbled along with me by this dastardly man. I think his course was what delivered the killer straw blow to the camel’s back of my education. I just got tired, stopping short of vowing never doing another degree in my life.

I really valued my masters program because of the classmates I got to meet. Different nationalities and personalities, it was a wonder how we worked in groups. It felt like I met a new nationality every week! My work ethic was not as good as I thought. I think I specialize more in thinking through problems rather than actually solving them.

Gratefully, I was offered a job right after my program and I ran back home to resume. Phew! That’s the story of how Efe went to school. Will we continue in the future? Perhaps. 😐

See you all tomorrow 🙂


We justify our actions by appearances;
God examines our motives.
(Prov. 21 vs. 2, The Message)


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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