Easter Special

In him we find peace, through him our understanding is enriched, with him there is certainty of an assured future.

When I was much younger I would shiver at the slightest offensive move of mine that may result in a scolding or that would upset my father. With time and age, I no longer shivered but received assurance in my father’s love and ever open hands in receiving me. Even when I erred, I confidently went to him. Not even the imagination of the scolding would hold me back because I was certain of his love for me. His love made me confident in him when I even thought I might have disappointed him. That love made me understand with time that though I err, my father did not see my mistakes as disappointment. That love made me understand what love really meant; it exposed other embodiment of love. It gave me confidence and an assurance that my father would never forsake me, and that alone was assuring, making me open to criticism and a willingness to be better. So I embraced and selfishly cherished my father’s love.

The exquisiteness of my earthly father’s love gave me occasional momentary confusion as I wondered, befuddled at how encompassing my heavenly father’s love must be. And so I burdened my cerebrum needlessly, because the father’s love is magnificent: who can understand it?


In his presence there is fullness of joy

Aint no lie in the Bible.

Joy has to be felt, this is why I can’t fully explain the joy of my presence in my father’s house celebrating my brother; Jesus death and sacrifice for our redemption. No love greater than the love of a sibling obeying our almighty father to sacrifice his life for our redemption even for future unknown generations. This also gives me an assurance of a secured future. Sometimes I get hazy and down especially with demons of progress, demons in forms of extension, demons of unnecessary setback, demons determined to frustrate ones hard work. More importantly, demons at work.

Then the beautification of his presence and his secure plans for me even makes me willing to face these demons every day because I know he’s building me, strengthening me for a future I can handle and this gives me even more joy.

Easter is special and this one was, I’m grateful to my consultant who gave me the opportunity to fellowship in my father’s house, and the joy, satisfaction and fulfilment of having baba God was re-ignited. The solemnity of my room, satisfaction of having God with me every time: ability to pray and study his word myself, the conviction I don’t necessarily have to go to church, the overwhelming inability to go to church: major culprit – work proven wrong because we always need to be in our father’s presence. This was saving for me knowing he would always be there to receive me. Even better was going to work. Today Easter Sunday; I have appreciated that the reward in a day is in the quality of its fruitfulness and not in the length of its freedom. Those few hours found and left me fulfilled.

I may not understand a lot of things now including my father’s love but I’m assured of that love, that love that made him sacrifice his only begotten son for the redemption of man. The assurance of that love makes me assured that though tribulations may come they would only help strengthen my muscles. In knowing this, the agony of a persistent effortful yet fruitless phase suddenly feels enriching, because it is shaping me beautifully. My father has me sorted and I’m grateful every day for my redemption in Christ Jesus and that I have God, the father.

Who can understand the father’s love?

Happy Easter


is a medical doctor and founder Towunmi Coker Literary Initiative (TCLI). She tweets from @teewrites and hopes to impact her environment.


  • Oyor says:

    The entire concept of salvation is still puzzling, especially the event Easter commemorates; the sacrifice of Jesus for us.
    While we were yet sinners, He died for us. Now that statement is not easy to understand.
    I asked myself this Easter; if Shekau and Osama Bin Laden were beside me and I was asked to give my life for them, would I?
    Yet this situation describes the Father’s love for us.
    While we were yet sinners, He died for us. 🙂

  • Towunmi says:

    The important thing is we always have this Love. Thank you Chris for sharing your views.

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