2015 started just the way 2014 ended. WORK.

I’d been immersed in a project that robbed me of my Christmas vacation and would take all of my time for the next 6 months. I was meant to assist a more senior engineer on a project only for him to get an international job late December and leave the country without even saying goodbye. Thus, I became in charge of a project that was supposedly bigger than my experience level.

I had to learn new things, work harder than I’ve ever had to and work every day of the week to deliver this work as both my career and firm’s reputation depended on it.

During this time, I became more convinced that I needed to change jobs in order to achieve my career development objectives. I felt the kind of support I needed wasn’t present and leaving was my best option.

The project was completed successfully after all the struggles and I’m proud of my achievements. The day I made the final presentation was my happiest day on the job this year and the client’s comments made all the stress worth it.

The sharp drop in oil prices meant that some of my plans for the year have not been achieved. Still hoping for that change of job. I’m sure it’s not too late. Baba God can (WILL) still turn up big for me before the year winds up.

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My 1st wedding anniversary was in September 2015. Still can’t believe it’s been so long. It’s been a year of learning how to be a husband, a better friend and a better communicator.
The year started with me still learning the ropes on how to be a husband and man of the house. At some points, I wanted so badly to be in charge and assert authority. We had lots of friction during this time.

I learnt that effective communication is the best way to iron out differences, that giving each other the cold shoulder never works. I’m naturally a quiet person who is quick to recoil into my shell anytime I felt unhappy. Marriage is teaching me to speak out, reach out to my wife and resolve differences on the spot. I learnt to still see myself as the boyfriend I was instead of the husband I had become.

I’m enjoying the companionship and intimacy that marriage provides, the SEX! (we waited), I enjoy being the one my wife leans on for support when she’s had a rough day at work, when she’s unhappy (and it’s not my fault), and when she just feels insecure for unknown reasons. I’m loving the idea of being responsible for her.

I’ve seen the effect she’s had on my weight and my tummy ?, and I love it. I enjoy the feeling of serving her dinner once in a while and carrying my lunchbox to the office. I’m totally looking forward to the next 100 years with this woman.

Dealing with the parents and in-laws’ was a constant part of the first 3 months. It’s like their generation just have this idea that a couple can’t decide to wait for 6months – 1 year before trying for children. Barely 2 months after the wedding, I was already getting the “Has God done it?” question. People were already talking fertility drugs for my wife and medical tests and investigations for me.

I have a great relationship with my parents and it’s understandable that they want the best for us but sometimes, I felt that they were just being over bearing and needed to leave us alone to live our lives.

I had to calmly navigate these waters till we were ready and I thank God that we didn’t have to wait for 1 more day after then.

2015 is also the year both my sisters put to bed within weeks of each other. Our family is growing bigger and I can’t but thank God for this gift of family.

On finances, didn’t achieve my investments targets for this year, hopefully, I can start again next year. However, I had all I needed at every time including Petrol during the fuel crisis. ?

From having to deal with my parents who wanted to hear that my wife was expecting a baby after just 2 months and were already prescribing tests and investigations to be done after 4 months to managing my wife’s insecurities when the pregnancy wasn’t forth coming when she wanted to finally learning that I’ll be a daddy, It’s been a roller coaster year. And when this bundle of joy finally arrives, I’m not sure I’ll be totally mentally ready for it but I promise to be the best dad possible.

2015 was a good year but I believe the story is yet to be unravelled.


Yes Bro, the best is yet to come. Congratulations! There will be more reasons to celebrate in 2016.

Olawale Oguntoye

is a son, husband, father and Engineer. I mostly try to do my job and mind my business. I love Arsenal but I'm tired of Wenger.


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