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​2016: The Year I’m thankful for

“Yes Bro, the best is yet to come. Congratulations! There will be more reasons to celebrate in 2016.”

Those were the words Efe used to round up my review on this blog last year. I’m happy to say it ended up being a prophecy. I’m currently holed up in a village two hours away from Port Harcourt. I’m not sure if I’ll be out in time to be in Lagos for my daughter’s 1st birthday on the 26th of this month but I can say damn well that 2016 was good to me and God has been faithful. Here are some of the things I am grateful for in 2016.


My Wife

‘Funmilayo’ has literally given me JOY (The meaning of the name). Our marriage clocked 2 years in September and it’s been an interesting ride. I’m grateful we have peace in our home. The challenges of ‘adulting’ especially in a place like Lagos puts a strain on marriage that is seldom talked about. I saw her at her most vulnerable since the time I’ve known her (which is like half of my time in this world). In between bringing up our daughter, the numerous months she had to be away from home due to one Ophthalmology seminar or surgical posting and preparing for exams, she went full cycle in all of her emotions this year. I’m thankful that we were able to pull it all off without any major stress or challenges. I’m thankful for how we’re still able to be there for each other.

 My Daughter

She finally arrived on Boxing Day last year at about 3 pm. I don’t know how I managed to remain calm after we got to the hospital at about 6 am expecting a normal vaginal delivery. I left for the house briefly to get breakfast for her only to be called to come and sign consent form for a Caesarean section. Apparently, her scans were mis-interpreted and the baby’s presentation was breech. To God be the glory, everything went well and the baby arrived safely.

My Career

I work in the oil and gas business and with the oil prices doing anyhow, things weren’t looking so bright at the beginning of the year. I’ve wanted to change jobs for a long time and it was looking impossible with the status of the industry and economy at large.

There’s a scripture that has dropped in my heart since I started praying for a new Job.

“They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy”. – Jonah 2:8

Meditating on this opened my eyes to the fact that low oil prices and an economy in near recession were lying vanities and I chose not to lose focus on my desire to change Jobs. Eventually, one of my wild cat applications paid off and 2 interviews later, I had an offer that gave me what I wanted in a Job. God answered my prayers in the midst of a storm.

I’m also thankful that I was able to arrange jobs for a couple of my friends in the firm I left. I was literally asked to find my replacement!

I’m thankful for my new job. It’s everything I prayed for and a little more. I’m thankful for my Boss who makes life easy for me and encourages my efforts. I’m thankful for the little tasks I used to do in my former job which gave me ability to do some jobs for my new manager to the extent that he tagged it my most important contribution since joining his team.


I’m grateful for Life. I’m grateful for the fact that I’m getting better in managing my finances.

I’m grateful for 2017 because I know it’s going to open up new opportunities for growth for me. I’m thankful for the personal and professional projects I’ll start in 2017. I’m thankful for the chance to continue this practice of being Anjola’s Dad. I hope to continuously get better at it. I’m grateful for the chance to be Funmilayo’s husband and the chance to continue to Love and cherish her.

I’ll be 30 in January 2017 and I hope the year will be kind to me.

Thanks for reading about my year.


Wow! I’m so glad things rounded up well for you this year. So grateful along with you. Looking forward to 2017 already.

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