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I’ve started to write this review over and over again. Each time I delete everything and open my Twitter app, so this time, I really hope so finish this.


This year began with me in over my head. I was literally trying to please everyone and inadvertently I forgot I even existed. It took someone who I fondly call my adopted sister to remind me that it was okay to think about myself first. You can’t please everyone. Don’t even bother trying. Now I’m just taking chill pill after chill pill and loving myself like my friend Winifred always advises me to.


I lost a dear aunt this year, someone who showed me time and again that you can never give too much. I cried buckets, wrote a poem to deal with my loss and did something I do not do often. I went down on my knees and cried to God asking why she had to be the one to go. I didn’t get any answer then about my question. I still don’t have an answer except that it’s a cold wicked world.


Someone close to me contemplated suicide this year. I’m glad I talked him through it and successfully out of it. I can’t say much about it except that I’m glad he’s still here, alive and enjoying life. I’m most thankful about this. Talking about enjoying life, I made some of my best memories this year like traveling to Ibeno beach in Akwa Ibom, getting a few battle-like scars from running on the beach and meeting someone who pushed me to want to be on my A-game even when I didn’t. Thanks I.O.A for this even though you decided to go to the US to ‘enjoy’ while I write this sweating because my generator has run out of fuel. Hard babe but I cried and cried about this move.


One of my favorite things about this year was getting to fifth year, the so-called ‘immunity class’ in medical school. What this means is that I will definitely graduate as a doctor because I apparently have too much medical knowledge to fail out of medical school. Like I said, I did indeed attempt to put my best foot forward.


Job, job, job. I started an editing gig and I’m glad it’s flourishing. Moreover, it helps to pay some bills. This might be my proudest achievement yet. Yes, I’m your girl if you need someone to look over a draft or edit anything.


The end of this year is definitely better than the beginning. I’m finally learning that it’s alright to say what’s on your mind even if it might come across as blunt. I’m learning to care for people around me a little more. My most valuable lesson this year is that it’s okay to love and let yourself be loved. I’m clinging to this like a drowning man to straws. I’m doing so much learning and unlearning. It’s probably because when my 21st birthday arrives I want to be extremely happy with the woman I am.


I wrote at the beginning of this year that I wanted to slay and yassss I did. At least my Instagram (@trezhi) tells me I did. This is important to me because I let loose a little and I’m happy I did.


By the wayyyy, I’m done compiling my book of short stories. It should be out by next year. I’m really looking forward to this. Just tell me you’ll buy the book. Tenkzz.


If I could go through this year again, I’d change a few things but what won’t change is the fact that it would definitely turn out okay. Someone really close to me always tells me “You will be fine”.  I know this for a fact now. I will be fine.


It’s safe to say 🥂 to an amazing more-than-okay 2018.






Treasure Chinuokwu

I'm a teenage woman that's determined to live life to the fullest. Writing is my first love.

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