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The Lord is my Shepherd…. (Psalm 23)


Started a business. This was and is still shocking to me. I always saw myself as someone who was not business inclined. I sell Adire via @that_adire_girl on Twitter and Instagram. I never thought of selling Adire before January 5, 2017. It was an idea that started on my Twitter Timeline and metamorphosed.  Please, biko, Edakun, patronise me for your Adire- Indigo, Batik, Tie and dye, Chiffon Adire.



Entrepreneurship is not easy.



Adebola died. Adebola was my friend and colleague. We worked in the same office. We were close. I was preparing our office’s report for the monthly technical meeting, he helped me download some data on Friday, March 3, 2017 and he left me in the office. My last words to him were, ‘I will send the finished report to your email, have a great weekend.’

He died in his sleep on Saturday March 4. He was 32 years old. His autopsy was normal. Keep on resting, Adeyemi Adebola Adekunle.

BabyBoy clocked a year old on March 5.

Wedding Anniversary was March 9. Everything passed in a haze.

We buried Adebola.



Got busier at work. My Grandma’s 90th birthday. My parents’ wedding anniversary.



My birth month. Clocked 30 years. The only things on My To-do before 30 list I haven’t done is getting a Ph.D (I haven’t even applied at all) and applying for that dream job. I decided to leave my tomboy ways this year. It hasn’t been easy but I have enjoyed wearing dresses, making my hair more and wearing make up this year. It is never too late to change and try to enjoy things.



I started feeling guilty about having someone come in on Saturdays to clean the house. I felt it was not womanly due to my conversations offline with other woman. Fam, it was a penalty played to throw in. I am putting the woman back on a contract in January. I tried doing it all by myself, it is not worth it. I cannot kill myself. Even in the Bible fa, Mummy Sarah, Mummy Rebecca and other women had help in the house.



My laptop crashed. It was the end of the world really. I had given it to a techie to back it up for me. Guy said he had and I trusted him. Turns out he really didn’t abi he did wan tin wan tin. Long story short, I lost 6 years of work. I am still recovering from this.



Another unit at work invited me for their projects based on Merit. People actually notice the good work you do. I could only attend to 1 out of 3 projects. They involved me leaving my base and I couldn’t work out where to put my children. So I turned down 2.

The Lover’s birthday



Immediate younger brother graduated. #WeBlessTheLord



I was technically broke this year. I was so busy with my 9 – 5 this year. I didn’t really attend Ake Book Festival this year, just branched there once and I didn’t buy any book there too. Recession was not a word, we felt it. We really couldn’t save this year but God made it work.



On annual leave. Traveled to go and spend some time with the lover at his base, fuel scarcity and every spoilt the waka.


For long periods of time, it felt like I floated through this year. My paranoia levels increased. All the evil reports we keep hearing about pedophiles and bombings etc did not help matters. We spent less time and money in hospitals this year, we grew as individuals and as a family unit, I became a better human being this year.


Everything happens for a reason, a blessing, a lesson or both.

2017 was both. I learnt how to Entrepreneur and how not to do it. I learnt to stop internalizing pain and things that hurt. I learnt to stop viewing people through my own experiences. I learnt there is no one way to do Life. I realised I can be quite inflexible about my beliefs. But I learnt to find the point in what the other person is saying. This I realised late and I discovered I have hurt people who love me. I AM SORRY.

In all, thanks be to God. Even when things looked dreary, God showed up. For journey mercies, Baba God, Uwese. For keeping us all, Nagode Jesu. For all and every in 2017, I thank you Lord.

To Bankole, thank you for being a vision helper.

To OluwaTito and TanitOluwa my children, I promise to do better.

To everyone, thank you all.

May 2018 be better in all aspects for us all. Amen!


I am me, different from everyone you will ever meet.

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