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DECEMBER 30, 2016.

Reading the Stories NG posts for the year and I marvelled at how surreal it was. How did things turnaround for people ‘just like that’? I wished terribly that it would happen to me too but I doubted strongly still.

I had been unemployed and broke for 2.5 years at this point after attending over 50 interviews.

The night of the 31st I had my private watch night /crossover service in the living room, telling God exactly how I wanted the year 2017 to be. I was so at peace and excited because I was sure God had settled me.



I had to have surgery. I didn’t have money for the surgery or money to travel for the surgery. The day before I left, my phone fell and broke so I was phone-less as well.

I had the surgery and I was angry with God, like this isn’t how we planned it at all. While I was away I got news that the person I was staying with had to relocate, so I was phoneless, homeless and whiny. I whined to everyone to no avail.

One day after a long while, I had a good praise and worship session with God, I felt so at peace even though I had distanced myself from Him for such a long time. I decided to download BBM on my tablet since I had been incommunicado for a while without my phone. First person that buzzed me was a friend that said she’d had a nagging in her spirit to send me money. She had wanted to wait till her salary was paid but she was just uneasy. I cried. She was virtually the only person I didn’t whine to and Jesus talked to her on my behalf.



A lot of my belongings were in my trunk. I moved back fully with my parents and I was miserable. I had started a small business in the time I was unemployed and this had helped in some ways but I was owed so much and still had a lot of unsold goods. My ear was still blocked.


MARCH 2017.

I had two job interviews. One was an epic fail, second one was ‘just like that’.

Sent my CV the way I usually did to HR managers of various organisations. I must have sent over 500 copies of it at this point.

I sent to someone I found online who forwarded to another HRM that had a vacancy and she called me same day for an interview the next day. Getting to the interview, she realized I had also sent her my CV but she didn’t see it till that other person sent it to her. Interview was a breeze, was told I would need to come see the MD.

Day of meeting with MD I was almost an hour late. Traffic from hell!!! Got there and miraculously it was the MD that was apologizing saying he had told HR to reschedule already because he had another early morning meeting. I was so nervous but we ended up discussing my lineage and family tree amongst other life issues.

Received the offer letter about a week later. EXCEEDED my wIldest expectations.

Within the same period I had another job offer in the works. This one had a higher job title with an SUV attached. However the job would have led to my compromising my values in some way.

I decided to go with the job I knew for sure was from God instead.

I relocated, started work, finally had money to get my phone fixed.

Met my new Manager who loved me right from the 1st meeting.


MAY 2017.

Two new colleagues from hell. Made me start doubting if the job was really from God.


JUNE 2017

Travelled Business class for the first time ever. Got a visa even though I did not have funds to travel with the previous visa so it expired without usage.

I saw and experienced afresh how easily and seamlessly God sorts things out.


JULY 2017.

Rumors and envy at work, hostility about being favored by my boss and getting to travel even though I had just resumed.

Humiliation and demeaning acts by line Manager who was jealous and threatened as well. Learnt to drown out the noise, focus on what was truly important which was the work because it was the means to various ends for me. I could never ever forget what a failure I had felt for 2.5 years and how it felt like death was the next step because I was really at rock bottom. I couldn’t even envisage how God would change my story because it was that hopeless.

These thoughts helped me stay strong in the face of a terrible work environment


AUGUST 2017.

End of a relationship almost a decade old. It rocked me to the roots. Betrayal from the last person on earth I expected it from.  I thought I had chosen my partner well. Alas!

This had me reevaluating and writing down what exactly I wanted in a partner and who I wanted to be as well.


I came to the harsh realization that even if the relationship had lasted I would eventually have had to choose between it and the job.


I choose the job a hundred times over.


The Manager that loved me was replaced and I was anxious and scared. He was literally the only one keeping me sane in that place. My sister and Mum kept encouraging me that even this new Manager would still work in my favour. My sister kept affirming to me that ‘Nothing works against you’.

I moved into a serviced flat with 24hour electricity, coming from the beginning of the year where my belongings were in my car.



I am typing this post on the latest iPhone, in a five star hotel on an all expense paid trip from work with the other benefits through this new Manager who I’m not even close to.

I have attached a pic of the view from my hotel room to this post.


This is me that was phoneless at the beginning of the year and couldn’t even afford to fix the screen of my Android talkless of getting a new phone.

I’ve been to two new continents this year from work, all expenses paid.


In 2014 I was telling my Pastor how I lost my job and he asked that I write exactly what job I wanted. I wrote in detail, right down to the kind of boss I wanted, and that the job should come with accommodation and that there should be such benefits that I won’t need to bother about my salary, amongst other things.


Almost three years down, it came to pass. As detailed as can be!!!


For anyone who has lost hope, I’m living proof that there is a GOD! I have no doubt that faith in God is never wasted. He rules in the affairs of men.


There is no day that I don’t depend on him wholly. For favour, guidance, leading, what to say, what not to say.


I am the most undeserving of men and he has shown me great mercy, all I have had to do was believe in him. I am righteous by faith.


A third-class degree holder.


Who am I?


Oba Onise Ara!!!


I can’t thank God enough for 2017 and look forward to the 2018 story that will surpass this by far.
















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