Dusk: Shade

2013 has been great I won’t lie. 

Started in January when one fantastic woman looked at me and said, “Shade, hope you don’t mind my saying this, can I pay Erica’s first term fees?”

Ehn? Mind ke.

My name by the way is….you already know my name, Erica is my daughter, I’m a single mum, and a hot photographer.

How I met this woman OGT and how she blessed me a lot financially and otherwise is something I will forever be grateful for. She helped give me a push in my finances early in the year and I was able to get my camera and some lenses. I pray for her everytime.

In my church…well one of my churches -___- at the end of year service, we are made to write down our goals for the new year. Looking though that list, I would say I accomplished over 50% AND THAT IS HUGE.
Basically I’ve learned a lot this year. I remember telling God that I would want to be the Shade from secondary school. The sweet, always smiling, never gets angry Shade. I think it’s working. 🙂

My year has been full of smiles, joy some tears, a little patience, a few angry moments, lots of fish, fruits, ugwu and chicken.
I’ve made decisions I won’t say I regret, but would say I learned from….or not.
My birthday this year has been the best in my 30 something years on earth. I got gifts! Lots of gifts. I love gifts abeg don’t give me that look. I got stuff I didn’t even dream of getting this year at all.
One of the best gifts for me this year was my daughter’s academics. I made a good decision to change her school and I’m so glad I did. The joy I felt in my heart when she asked me after telling me some of her scores ‘Mummy, are you impressed?’
Wow. I was just short of words. It was one of those moments I knew I was doing something right.

By God’s Grace, I did not struggle with finances this year, not for one moment!

Towards the end of this year, I learned patience. A little bit. I learned to accept some behaviour that will otherwise have made me blown a fuse or two. Like right now, typing this, a woman was just rude to me at the bank, na look I dey look am, I no talk. 😐
I smile more now, I took myself out a lot this year because I deserve(d) it. I also developed my shoe and cloth fetish. Dear Lord please don’t let me go bankrupt.

Above all, I have learned to let things go, I still hurt and cry over little things, but I have learned not to hold on to things unnecessarily to things…and people no matter how painful. To let go and let God.

The one thing that has kept me excited a lot this year is fitness. I finally attained my dream dress size, clocked one year in fitness, challenged myself to insanity by Shaun T and was super glad when people kept referring other people to me for weight loss and fitness and some of them telling me how my journey inspired theirs.

I go soon open shop! 

Oh by the way, I caught a bouquet at a wedding, so get ready ladies and gentlemen….

I go soon marry! 

But the ‘koko’ of the matter is, I still don’t have friends and I’m still single…..and hot…and single.


My relationship with God has been errr…ok. It could be much better. I promised my self that it would be fantastic. Sigh.
But at least I’m glad I started morning prayers with my daughter. I laugh when she prays, she uses the same words EVERY morning, that child. I can recite her prayers like the Lord’s.

In all I know that I am very ready for 2014, lots of expectations and high hopes. Training I did this year will be business(es) I’m opening next year.

I know I’m ready for God and He’s ready for me. Whatever you do, write down this name ISHOLA FOLASHADE JANET and also remember the name SAZZYE. I know these two names will be mentioned a lot next year so help me God!


Amen sister. More than your success I’m so happy for your daughter Shade. Much love to Erica. And when you find love, we’ll be there with our canopy at your wedding  gbedu. LOL


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • tiana says:

    Ah! Thank God for growth. Because I know say your head dey spark pass our former transformer for Surulere.

    That weight loss story took my respect for you to an all time high really. Never thought you could do it..and the best part is the fire hasnt died one bit. And it made me popular too. Sister to that orobo turned lepa *flutters eyelashes* Well done ma.

    Shebi you wont tell them how I’ve been a good aunty to Erica. *side eye* How she’s at my house now and will be here when you go on honeymoon.

    I can still smell market woman behaviour all over this post. Please lose that in 2014 -__-
    And as you have put your full government name on this post, time to work hard cuz some of us will be googling your name all year.

    E be like say I don dey write another review for this comment section….
    Wish you God speed in 2014. Love you plenty. MUAH!

  • aderonke says:

    Awww. Thank God for you!

  • Lamide says:

    You are funny. Lol. Happy New year in advance

  • slyB says:

    Awesome God with His well planned miracles and surpises. Wish you more miracles in the new year.

  • @shangytee says:

    I love your post. I pray 2014 holds for you more than you wish or pray. Your faith is strong, have a merry year ahead.

  • Agba-Akin Moruff says:

    I love this post, not because I love this writer but simply because it is very graphic! I can hold each word and the intent. As for the Market woman side… hummmm. I’ll rather hold my peace. Yeah I know the part of shoes and dress, at least 2014 will be far better than 2013 bankruptcy story is outta it.

    Having as a close ally and much more ***wink, wink*** is soothing enough.

    Yes, the weight loss project story is most amazing thing of this year. Kudos all the way. Call me when you open shop oh, hen-hen.

  • mayreeh says:

    Very inspiring. God will surely surprise u beyond ur imaginations next year. Amen. U can teach ur daughter how to add to her prayer requests, u know? God bless u Shade.

  • Dekemisola says:

    Wow! Your daughter. .. *_*
    Lmao @ Efe, you go carry your own canopy go person wedding? I bow!

  • Jk_McDazzles says:

    I was smiling all through.. You have such a likeable personae..
    Have a great year all through and yes you’ve done well with Erica..

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