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The 1st of January 2016 saw me writing my goals for the year, and I was very convinced I would accomplish at least 50 percent of those goals. I folded my paper, ate rice and chicken, and looked forward to a new and amazing year. My theme for 2016 was (is) FFF – (Folashade face front). I would like to think I have pretty much been able to mind my business a lot this year. But as far as those other goals go…. well.



My birthday is the 25th of March. And people who know me, know that I’m CRAZY about birthdays. I start to announce from the 1st of March. My daughter’s birthday is a week after mine, and my mum’s is 5 days after hers. Mum was going to turn 60. We all were sooooo happy! This was THE 60th she had always talked about. All her kids had it planned. Small party for family members, a surprise BIG gift for her. Everything was going as planned. Until that phone call…..

Hello. mummy….fire has entered our house…..

That was my daughter. It was the 4th of April, the house was getting fixed in preparation for mum’s birthday. I was on my way from Ikeja. My sister, brother, daughter, aunt and her daughter were sleeping, when someone started shouting from outside “who is in this house? Your house is burning!”

They all ran out without slippers, taking nothing, and what seemed like a small fire burnt the entire house – everything we owned. I got back home and just couldn’t believe it. The fire service got there an hour after the fire started, after everything was gone.

I am a professional photographer. And ALL my equipment was in my room. 2 Cameras, 2 laptops, 3 lenses, a few other accessories. My sister had unsold goods (stock) she had brought in from her last trip to America. Her room was FILLED with goods. My mum – where do I even want to start counting her loss from?


My mum – This was the second house she was losing – WHY?

My mum – She looked forward to her 60th. It was a time to celebrate – WHY?
My mum – Had lost a full 30,000 litres of vegetable oil less than 6 months prior – WHY?

I couldn’t understand it. I still don’t.

I cried for a few seconds, and that was it. That scares me a little. Oh well.

After the fire, I became aware of how rich I was in people. They helped raise money for me, a lot of money. I was overwhelmed.

But even with that, it still wasn’t easy. I mean, losing everything you managed to save up for and buy. It was a lot to take in, I’m not gon’ lie. One day, I had the courage to go and check the (new) prices of all my equipment….my heart sank!
But I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I got a desk job. Stressful, but enjoyable. At least now I get to eat very good food. (At the time of typing this, I just finished a large bowl of attama soup) *burps*

My new job makes me happy. My fashion business is picking up gradually. I didn’t even mind the stress of working odd hours. I had to be efficient even though I wasn’t sleeping well. Sleep is kuku for the weak.

I made deeper friendship with someone I had known for years. I became closer to someone I knew about a year ago. Life is good.
I’m smiling and laughing again.



I still don’t have 6 packs *Hilda Dokubo tears*
My receding hairline is still receding *Kate Henshaw tears*


To more cheering news – I finally fulfilled my dream of doing something for charity. That day was a very happy day for me. All the sleeplessness of trying to put things together was worth it.
I’m extremely thankful to God, because without Him, without His favor and Grace, I don’t know how 2016 would have been.

This picture attached is just me being super excited because I know good will happen to me and my loved ones in 2017. What God will do in our lives will be so mindblowing! That’s my faith speaking.

Happy holidays. Peace, love and firewood jollof.


Folashade Ishola

A little sunshine on a cloudy day


  • Joy E says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose all your equipment and watch your loved ones suffer loss as well. Ordinary laptop crash and somebody wants to faint. Your bouncebackability is amazing! I’m grateful to God for your new job. You will recover all, I pray, and get even more. You will laugh and sing and glorify God in 2017, amen!

  • Jennie says:

    You are strong but you don’t know it. Your losses in 2016 will be nothing compared to your gains in 2017 and beyond.

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