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I remember coming into 2014. You know the blur of 31st night? Naa, didn’t happen to me. I remember coming into the year. Now, I am not one to make resolutions, I only write out things to accomplish for the year. As I type this I am trying to remember what was on that list or where I even wrote it. Oh well!

I remember crossover….and the guy that had the guts to pull me out amidst prayers because he wanted to toast me. Imagine! His name is still saved as ‘New Year Toaster’ loooool.

I remember the Sunday after my birthday, when I came out in church for thanksgiving. I had a miracle for each month up until my birth month.  Literally! Every month was something surprising. God is amazing!

I always reminded myself to be grateful. The confusion of being content and wanting the best and nothing less for oneself set in every now and then but I tried to always be grateful.

This year I grew! I grew quick! Quicker than any other year, I think. I had to learn quick. I had to learn on my job, I had to learn-as-I-lived. You know those times when you find yourself thinking about the bigger picture? Problem is you are not even sure what the big picture is. Have you ever drawn blank when asked what your long term goal is? Even though you thought you had your life well put together and thought out? I had such moments this year.

This year was punctuated with one drama or the other…no need mentioning them all. You’d say I’m a woman, of course women are synonymous with drama. Oh well, what is life generally without drama?

I made more friends off social media. Now I am the one who is weary of friendship. That is because when I meet someone, I may be really into you but it may not last. The interest wanes, we talk less, we stop talking, bleh bleh bleh!. But I’ve managed to keep these ones. I am grateful for them.

I also took photography a little bit more seriously. Not as serious as I should (blame it on 9-5) but better than last year.

Albeit late, I have become that person that constantly looks out for business opportunities in every nook and cranny of existence. No chill observed again! I have learnt!

I thank God for family and the joy they bring. I thank God for my colleagues, never a dull moment with them.  I thank God for friends, the old ones, the new ones.  This year, I’ve loved and I’ve lost, but life goes on…

Now 2015 is here. I am supposed to be bubbling with the thought of the opportunities that abound the coming year. I am. I think. May we all see it in peace.

PS: If you wanna do business online, holla! 😀


Who doesn’t want to do business online?! LOL. Thank you for sharing Tayo. Your bubbly spirit sounds like a lot of fun 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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