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And we’re live, in 3,2,1 *beep*

My name is Odunayo, now popularly known as Baba Moyo. But before I proceed to talk about the topic before me, I’d like to give honour to whom honour is due, by saying Good day panel of judges, accurate time keeper, my brilliant and eloquent co debater(s), parents and guardians, ladies and gentlemen.
In case anyone tries to pick similarities in the style of presentation with the speaker that came before me, please be informed that its a family decision. Yea, the boo and I are tight like that.

I spent the first minute in the new year asking God for grace to advance forcefully in the new year, then the next few minutes talking to my better 3/4 (she’s bigger than me). I had absolutely no idea the year would be the most eventful for me so far. Then I reached for my stash of firecrackers and gave the community a show to remember… Happy days.

Final exams came a few days after, and the bae proved to be the best companion ever! She fed me so much I found a few lost kg… The night results were released, the only way I made it through the suspense was with her by my side. Interestingly we’ve always been this way. She has always been there, close enough for me to look into her eyes and get transported into this realm where we’re oblivious of everyone and everything around. We passed final exams (well, technically I did but yeah we are one) and we were soo happy.

2012 Valentines’ day was a disaster, and I was determined to make this year one she’d always remember. I really went to town to try and make her smile all through the day! It worked (everybody get your minds out of the gutter!) It was a beautiful day nonetheless.

Induction day came, I went against the traditional white shirt and turned up in what she gave me for vals’ day- a wine shirt. I was on top of the world, especially as she looked exceptionally stunning that day. I was so proud to be seen beside her.

Then I had to move out of my room in school (abh). She cried so much that day. I knew why: apart from the sentimental value the room has, moving out meant she would no longer see me everyday. I almost cried too, but I’m made of sterner stuff than that.

Started the job hunt, I travelled twice every week, still tried to swing around Ibadan to see my love. You don’t know the struggle until you’ve had to be in three states in one day, dressed in a black suit, and keeping your papers neat! Then…


“Odun, my period has not come o” (lucky me, I didn’t get the classical ‘we need to talk’)

Somewhere in me, I knew something big had happened, but I just kept calm and stayed in control of my head. 3 days later, I went to the medicine store and bought 2 test strips, I should’ve bought one.  I smiled when I saw the reading. She. Did. Not. Smile. At all!

I didn’t know what to tell her. All I could think of was the fact that she’d be so heavy when she’s writing her final exams, and that won’t be much fun. She did not run out of tears o.

Following morning, I went to tell my best friend that he’s gonna be an uncle, and nigga had a sense of humour- who’s the mother? That joke wasn’t funny.

Period of the great affliction and depression. Nobody wanted to see me, nobody cared about me, everybody said crap, yes, everybody! All of them think I’ve forgotten their comments and body language a few months back, well, I haven’t. (>_>)

Damilola was sick everyday, everynight, I was afraid she won’t make it. I wanted to walk very far away into a forest and stay there. Brethren, those were hard times. I got a job, no salary for 4 months, things looked really bad, how can I have a baby on the way and not have any money?

We placed a wager as to what sex the baby would be.

I decided to dramatically ask her to marry me. Mind you, I’d been asking her since I met her, and it had always been a yes, but she needed to have a story to tell her friends, some romantic shii. So I bought a ring.
My perfect opportunity came one day she came to visit me at Abeokuta (against her parents’s wish- they still didn’t want us spending time together. We could talk on phone, but that was it) hello!! Chick was already pregnant!

She was sick again that day, and was really nasty to me. So much I considered not going back to her room that evening. But that was my window, I would ask her to marry me when we’re not having a good time. To show her that I love her, in sickness and in health (Like a boss).

We had our introduction ceremony, I swear that thing was a proper wedding. Her father almost drew a shank when the MC said we should ‎​‎​‎​‎​kisss. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

Societal pressure started reducing, folks weren’t so hostile to me anymore, but I was not to push my luck by asking to have her visit me or any such stuff.

Suddenly! Baby’s almost here! I need to go and shave, I need to present my most handsome face for my babygirl to see. My madam was allowed to come for my father’s Birthday party, I was grateful.

Aha! We’re here now *started from the bottom now we’ here*

I secretly wished my daughter would be born on my birthday.
2 days to my birthday, I got the much awaited call! I abandoned work and raced to IB and behold, it was a false alarm! I was angry. So angry because I thought my birthday won’t be much fun if she didn’t fall in labour before or on the day.

I got my wish! After hours of psychological trauma and insults, we got to the limit of science and medicine. I knew the possible complications. I’d taken several deliveries myself. Then God stepped in! That was it, end of discussion!  I saw my beautiful angel’s head emerge from the tunnel of life! Then I had to choose between cooing over the baby or holding Dami’s head and continuing 3rd stage.

Then the moment we walked out of that labour room with our baby, everything changed! Everything! I say, I became a star,  (*_*)/ Everybody wanted to share in our joy, wise men came from the east… By the way, she stole my birthday, and all my hair!

We’re still receiving gifts for our baby, the seemingly hopeless situation in March has given way for a celebration that’ll last forever.

I’d always wanted to start a family early, God granted my request.

Oluwadamilola Omotooke, MoyosoreOluwa Zoe, I love you both, my precious girls. All I think about now is providing for you and protecting you.
I hope with these few points of mine…

1 The Most High God, He has shown His faithfulness over and over again.
2, My Family, everybody stood by me
3 My musketeers, Wale, Wole, Akin. I owe you guys one.

Odunayo here signing out of 2013 on a note of celebration. 🙂


So you are the one responsible for all the Wahala central that fell on Dami’s laps this year! LOL.

Reading your story (and Dami’s) we can already see that Moyo is going to be one really blessed child.

Moyo, when you grow old enough to read this, you’ll have proof you were a loved celeb before you were one month old. Much love 🙂


You can read the other half of the Story here DAY 5: DAMI


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Ro33ah says:

    Gosh! Teary-eyed on a bus and I can’t be bothered. :’) :’)
    I enjoyed reading this.
    Happy 2014.

  • Mimsy says:

    OMG! This is so beautiful! Got me crying and smiling at the same time. Gosh!
    This is just the beginning of greater things to come in your lives.
    May God keep and continually protect Moyosore. May she continue to be a source of joy to you guys. Amen.
    Dami and Odun, thanks for sharing this beautiful Story with us. God bless.

  • Krimmedic says:

    This is all sorts of awesome.
    May God grant you the means and strength to fulfill your desires.

  • Awww. This one made me smile a lot too. 🙂

  • sleekgirl101 says:

    I read Dami’s post twice (very unusual of me) and I’m about to read Odun’s a second time,the story hit me that way. It’s really not everybody who has an happy (semi)ending after going through what you went through. Yours is a different one and I’m happy for you guys.

  • Mims says:

    Awww…I smile 🙂 . You’ve gat good sense of humour like your friend. Congratz Papi.

  • Darriz aw le nigga made me blush :D. It was a really tough year. Thank God for His mercies and strength and for 2nd chances and new beginnings and life… Ok, I’ll press the ‘post comment’ button now 😀

  • demi says:

    Baba moyo, you owe me… For making me fling my G status out the window. *sniff* God bless you and your new family. Inu si n bi mi pe ee je ki aunties like us raye wa fun naming yen. And YOU DID NOT NAME HER DEMI! DAMI PROMISED! SHE PROMISSSSSED…. But number two is coming sha. Second chance. Notin spoil. Anyhoos, its 4:48am, so ill sign out. Love you guys. :* your daughter shall continually be a source of joy to you. Ore oluwa ko ni tan ninu aye yin. E ti so ni odunayo, ayo naa ni odun yii a fi pari. Ayo ni gbogbo iyoku to n bo maa muwa fu yin. (you’re lucky her daddy didn’t stand up to slap your head cus if it was Prof K aka baba Demi. O la la. LOL LAWL.)

  • anagail says:

    Read the other half story earlier. I think you both are cute together. God bless your union and your little girl. I hope she forever makes you smile 🙂

  • Jk_McDazzles says:

    I had Anita Baker’s Sweet Love playing at the back of mind while reading this..
    Thank God for the happy ending.. Congrats on Moyosore.. She’s blessed to have you both..
    May the tests and trials of marital life not change the kind of love you have for eachother..

  • K says:

    This is sweet. Thank you for sharing

  • supo says:

    Mehn bro…..I can imagine d whole world against you……buh now you stand victorious…e ku gbogbo e baba Moyo of life

  • Lady of Wealth says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………………. God Bless your Family 🙂

  • T_raine says:

    You don’t know the struggle until you’ve had to be in three states in one day, dressed in a black suit, and keeping your papers neat! Wow! Lol, thank God everything worked out in the end 🙂 Beautiful name your baby’s got too.

  • Oluwatomi Adeoti says:

    So I laughed well through this one. Odunayo, your sense of humour sure must have helped you through. Hearty congratulations to you once again and I’m sure Moyo is one of the luckiest girls on earth, just because she has you and Dami as her parents.

  • Tip says:

    Real G. Tunnel of life hmmmmm

  • Tobi says:

    Love the sense of Humour. May God keep u and ur family.

  • random guy says:

    congrats! am happy for both of u. so all ye doctors marry yourselves. *crying* hope i dont end up same (marrying a colleague).

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