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My 2014 in retrospect

Soooo, right now, I’m trying to negotiate the tension between writing to express and writing to impress. However, I’m not inclined to put too much effort into impressing people when I have a lot of work to do, so I’m opting for the former. Smart choice or nah? Anyhow, ladies and gentlemen, my year in retrospect (and my hopes regarding the rest of the year):

I finally found my career path! No kidding, my fellow Nigerians, no kidding. At the university, I’d been an experimenter of sorts, switching my degree choice from Business Management to International Development Studies and Economics. Studying economics was a nightmare at best. After graduation, I got a job in the Marketing field and also began my university studies in marketing. I became more aware that Marketing was actually fun. I also realized that nearly everyone I asked about a suitable career for me, mentioned Public Relations. *breaks into singing ‘I saw the sign’.*

Also, for the first time in my adult life, I was comfortable speaking before a crowd. I was giving a presentation to my class, and I didn’t put up a front. I wasn’t struggling to control the audience or even my own body language. There I was, naked before complete strangers and LOVING it! Ha! Well, I am glad that I am developing my public speaking skills as well as realizing that public speaking is perhaps something that I was born to do. A colleague at school even called me the Michael Jordan of public speaking. I know he had good intentions but ohhhh why oh why oh why you tell me la-la-la-liesssss?

I got into a serious relationship for the first time in my life. Never had an ‘official’ boyfriend before this year (hey maybe I’m not going to die bitter and alone surrounded by 5 different breeds of cats and 3 noisy but well-meaning dogs). Although my first boyfriend and I aren’t together anymore, one of the best things about the relationship was how different we were from each other. He was a 40-yr old muslim from Senegal, and I was a 24 year-old Nigerian christian. Perhaps, due to these differences, our relationship was doomed from the start, but you see, I’d be his girlfriend all over again if it was all up to me. Being so different from me, my ex-boyfriend showed me life from a fresh perspective. Now I’m open to marrying someone who isn’t Nigerian!

As you’ve already noticed, my year wasn’t all Hershey Kisses and shooting stars. I had some pretty tough life training this year. I sustained a freak nerve injury. One moment, I was actively participating in a class and the next, I was in an emergency ambulance, being taken to the hospital. I spent a month in hospital, battling nerve damage and cleaning up the emotional debris which the damage left in its wake. My mom flew in from Nigeria to care for me. She put her luggage away and we both stood before the mirror, she in her travel clothes, me in my hospital clothes, and…she combed my hair. That moment was a defining moment for me.

I am healing now, physically and emotionally from the nerve damage and certain things have fostered this healing: God, my mother, my close friends, my ex-boyfriend, fashion and more recently, Native American traditional music. I hope that the rest of this year brings me home to my family in Nigeria, and that I grow spiritually. I also hope that I get even more clarity about my career and that I discover and continue to create beauty.


It’s injuries like these that remind us just how frail and transient human life is. I’m glad you are still standing after all 2014 threw your way. Phew!!!

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I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Timiebi says:

    Thank you for sharing, I tap into these career path finding miracle 🙂

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  • Stories for the gods says:

    Nice one. 🙂

  • Zarina says:

    This is truly inspiring. I love your sense of humour and what you do with the song lyrics (my sister does that too… 😉 ). I’m really glad u’re ok and God has pulled you through 2014. As we say in Nigeria.. Your enemies have failed!! *all smiles*

    May 2015 be a year of fulfilled dreams for you. Be strong and stay blessed!

  • K.O says:

    I remember when you told me you were in the hospital, I thought it was a “small thing jor” then one month later and you were still there. Thank God for health and healing. *hugs*

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