Day 2: Lo

It is crazy how quickly time passes by. How quickly one phase can turn into/unfold into another. From about July till October this year, the months seemed to have been moving on a snail’s back (those who know me, that can be a very deathly thing to happen to me). The sluggish Life movement affected me negatively (to say the least) in every single aspect of my life except, thankfully, spiritually. It was not until the final quarter of the year that God manifested some things in my life.

Finally, I have begun to get some bearing and proper structure. It is also in this quarter I was able to check a number of things off my ‘list’:

– I have and still am deepening my relationship with God.

– Challenging and very rewarding career path is well under way

– Career has taken me to one new country and I now like in a completely different state.

– Unexpected and Beautiful opportunities have presented themselves and God has given me the grace to embark on one or two.

– I am doing Two COMPLETELY out of the box things right now:

* Started an instagram blog for under-appreciated Nigerian sports!

* I not only now liaise, work with but SELL to people the local markets one of the most common food product in the Nigerian market (though temporary but completely and utterly exciting!)

– Still working on the partnership business with my brother, we are still believing that God will give us clarity and proper direction in that area.

– Ahhhh…. In the Love department, *sigh*, God is in complete control!

One thing that I see God really doing (above all else) is my journey to Self- discovery and honestly Self – Love. I realize more that I truly do not know what makes me happy/brings me joy outside of work and family. Also that I probably feed off (a bit too much) on the external/human ‘givers’ of affection instead on my One true Unwavering Lover and friend. I learn more and more each day to look internally for Joy, Peace and Love.

As we all work to be the best version of ourselves, I pray that God gives us the grace and courage to not only embark on the incredibly arduous journey, but the fortitude to stay the course till the end.


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