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Wow. What a year!

I don’t set out to write these things with my lesson from the year, but somehow, there’s always something that just stands out for me. Last year, it was that finding yourself is never complete; it’s a continuous process of growth and development. The lesson for this year was friendship.

I’ve always considered myself blessed with friends, but this year, I truly realized what friendships mean. I learnt that even as much as we mock cutting people of, it is important sometimes to assess the people in your life to see those who are doing nothing but drain you and stress you, and cut them off from your life. Also, to appreciate the people who love you and strengthen you and support you.

I’m writing this from a hospital room, which is not how I imagined I’d be spending the last two weeks of the year. Life comes at you fast: one day, you’re going to fix your phone, and the next, you can’t stand or sit because your leg feels like it’s in labor. The funny thing about this mishap is that it wasn’t the car that hit me after I fell that caused the bruising and the pain, it was the fall. I was walking on the road, the next thing I know, I’m on the ground, and then a car almost runs over me, but swerves and hits me instead.

I’ve thought of all the many different ways that could have been worse. My biggest worry was that I wouldn’t be able to wear the playsuits and knee length dresses I’d planned on wearing to my December turn up events. Turns out it was more serious than I thought and so I couldn’t do any December things. It hasn’t been bad sha, people have been coming to see me and bring me food that makes me happy.

I looked at my entry for 30 Days of hope and lol. I did not have straight As, I’m not sure if I’m graduating valedictorian, I did not publish any paper locally or internationally, neither did I present any papers. I did save a lot, but then I spent everything on my birthday, so I guess that’s a pass.

I did start writing. I became even more serious with it. I read a lot more about the craft of writing, I entered more contests, I submitted to more publications (I got a lot of rejections, but ah well). However, I did not write 100 essays, articles, and stories. I only published 30 so far, but I’ve written closer to 50. I was second runner up in a critic contest I entered on a whim. I attended a writing workshop.

I started a new job towards the end of last year. Combine that with school and working on my undergraduate thesis, and I couldn’t find the time to work on BookBarterCo (formerly BookBarterNG). I met Chimamanda. I attended Ake festival as a volunteer, it was an experience. I gave two talks about my work. I didn’t travel to any other state, except Ogun State for Ileya, where my dad tried to set me up with his friend’s son. I did not go on a road trip.

I went to church, maybe, five times this year. I liked it every time I went. Still, I feel like me and God are good. TEDxUnilag did not hold. I wasn’t very happy about that, but I decided that I’d rather not do it than to do it and it would be bad. I helped set up the next one with sponsorship, but I’ve taken a back seat.

I was shortlisted for the McKinsey Next Generation Women Leader Award. I was on YNaija’s WOKE 100 list.

I did not run a marathon (lol.) I ran for maybe two weeks. I started intermittent fasting and yoga and some indoor exercises. Still not in a relationship. Still not really bothered about it. I’m still making new friends, which is amazing.

I had the best birthday. THE BEST. That picture is me glowing from the inside from the joy in my heart on my birthday. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Yet. I was so stressed around the time, and at the end of the day it was awesome. Now, birthday don commot my body, I no do again.

I had a banging 21st birthday with the best cake. I was more carefree, I got a journal, but did no journaling, I laughed more, and loved more, and cried more. I applied for fellowships and entered competitions and won awards, and generally just flourished.

Thankful for my GC, my X ladies, my school squad, my Twitter family, my real life family.

My theme for 2017 was: the year of slay in every way. In 2018, I intend to take up even more space, become even more vocal, raise my voice louder, and slay even harder. So help me God. Here’s to an amazing year, and meeting more amazing people.

Lade Tawak

My interests are wide and varied. I like books. I write. I volunteer. I always like to meet new people. I enjoy learning, teaching and arguing. Twitterr: @deaduramilade Email: Ltawaq@gmail.com


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