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“The king’s command and law went into effect on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month Adar. On the day when the Jews’ enemies had hoped to overpower them, just the opposite happened. The Jews overpowered those who hated them.”

(Esther 9 vs 1 HCSBFree)

I’m not here to preach or spread the gospel. When Uncle Efe told me to me write,.my first reaction was ‘adfvqixxsnanaqis’, like what do you want me to write? How can I write on a platform where professionals and award writers post their stuff? But I finally picked up my courage and notepad and this came out. 
N. B This is the first time my thoughts will be posted on any blog page.

I can’t talk about my 2012 without making reference to 2011. 2011 was one of the saddest periods of my life.  I lost my grandmother to cancer; she had been my best friend. I spent most of my childhood with her. I was with her, she was there for me, she taught me the value of honesty, and how to be content. You see why losing her to the harsh, cold hands of death was very painful. Also in 2011, the first  semester results for my second  year was released. Bruhhhh, I failed so bad I had three carryovers. I was surprised, three carryovers in a semester? First time I am seeing ‘COV’ in my result, but it’s not just one or two but three. Department dropped my CGPA like it was hot. It was a sad and frustrating period, I thought that was the end of the world for me, but with words of encouragement from my family, I moved ahead and promised myself not to be affected by it. 

2012 came as previous years came, nothing special as usual. I was at the crossover service on the last day of 2011 with my mum and sister. The New Year day celebration was low-key this time because of the security challenges this country was facing (and is still facing). Also the Occupy Nigeria stuff hindered the normal ‘big celebration’.

Moving into the year, I resumed school as a 3rd year student of politics. I was like ‘ahh, when did I finish secondary school that I am here already?’ Due to school work, I couldn’t go for my grandmother’s one year remembrance and prayer. The year moved too fast for me because we were in February at a point, next thing you know it’s July. It was so fast I couldn’t keep track/record of events.  Thank God for books, music and the internet (I won’t even lie twitter especially) for being there for me, even when friends and families left, these were there for me. 

However, I achieved some personal feats and conquered some stuff this year, they include:
Summoning up of courage. I have been battling with this thing called courage since I entered the Uni, but thank God I got it right this year.
I became a little less naïve and self centered.

I was closer to God and became active for Him.

I tried to change my look by keeping my hair (the one on my head oh) and doing the cliché hairstyle of 2012 ‘afro’. I showed the hair love and affection, spent more time and money on it since there was no girlfriend/lover to compete with it 🙁  but after 3 months, and the hair was still  small and hard like ‘fowl shit’ so I had to let it go.

As the year moved on, I moved with it. 

My most embarrassing moment of the year was when a pretty girl around my age saw my mum and I at a ‘fast food joint’ and gave me a ‘flyer’ for a children/kiddies day party and said “make sure mummy brings you, Barney and other stuff will be there”, I couldn’t laugh or cry, I cursed myself and my small stature that day.  The funniest moment of the year for me was when my friend/roommate called his babe over  and told her that he didn’t love her anymore and they should stop ‘seeing each other’. Before he could move to the next sentence, babe just gave him what Yoruba people will call Ifoti Oloyii. Yes,  she gave him a ‘dirty slap’, and she started crying. I was just in the room there,  laughing. I was also surprised. Why did you slap him when you know you will still be the one to cry? That action made me put any thought of me having a girlfriend now or in the next two years aside. 

Highpoint of the year for me was when my end of session results was released. To the Glory of God, I cleared my Carryovers, passed my courses and was on track again. Then October came, my birth month. On the 21st day of Oct, I clocked 19 and my mum got me an awesome gift (the first I got since my 10th birthday). After the celebration, I reflected and became sad that I would be 20 next year, so I won’t be able to blame ‘teen hood’ for my stupid and childish behavior.

Aside from these happenings, nothing spectacular happened to me this year, but I ensured that I moved  closer to my God and creator. I learnt more about his promises for me and then I found John chapter 16 vs 32-33.

“In fact, you’re about to make a run for it– saving your own skins and abandoning me. But I’m not abandoned. The Father is with me. I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world. ” (Message)

It became my anthem for the year,  that bible verse makes me smile everyday and keeps me going. 
Finally, I won’t say I became a better person this year,  because there is still a long way to go,  instead I’d say  I moved a step closer in becoming a better person (man). I thank God for preserving my family and I up to this moment, for being there for us at the point of our need.
I’m looking forward to 2013, because I will cease to be a teen, and by the Grace of God graduate from the Uni.

Thank you for reading this long/boring but honest post. Compliments of the season. May the Reason for the season manifest Himself in our lives.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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