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Yes!!! Year 2017 started with me being heavily pregnant, tired, exhausted with backache such that I couldn’t make it to my family’s new year party. I was finally going to meet my first daughter/mini me and I couldn’t contain my joy as I was few weeks away from meeting her. You see, since I had my son, I never thought or imagined I could love another as much as I love him but five weeks into 2017, I was proved wrong because from the moment I set my eyes on my daughter, I was enveloped with unprecedented love. So 2017 started on a very bright note, from giving birth to starting maternity leave where I had the chance to watch BBN 24/7 (LOL).

I didn’t know what to do with that amount of free time, I gained tons of weight, so much that some of my colleagues couldn’t recognise me on my first day of resumption. I have already started working towards losing the kilos and knowing how determined I can be, I will lose all the unwanted kilos in the first quarter of 2018 God willing because 2018 is the year of slay and looking peng.


You know when the devil feels like you are cruising and he tries to come in and throw bumps in your lane? But Mercy said NO. It was a fine Saturday morning, I was coming home with my new help who I took to the hospital for medical checks, when I suddenly lost control of the car, drove into an electric pole and the pole fell on top of my car, my airbags came bursting out and all I remembered was praying for God to take care of my then 3-month old daughter and 3-year-old son. My then help and I survived the crash and we were both rushed to hospital where we got treated. I honestly didn’t think we would survive the accident and people who saw my badly damaged car couldn’t believe it. I can still remember vividly the way the hubs rushed into the room I was being treated because he said upon seeing the car on the way to the hospital he was expecting the worst. Babes came rushing into the hospital with tears in his eyes (LOL).

The accident helped me see life in another perspective. I used to be someone who was content with my life. I was content to go home at the end of the day to my family. I was bad in reaching out to friends even though I had awesome friends that always check up on me. Most times I will watch my phone ring without answering it just because I don’t want to go out with my friends. I always had to give excuses on why I can’t hang out even though most times the excuses weren’t valid. All these changed after the accident. I realised that life can be so fleeting. I learnt how to live and be there for my friends. I started working /still working towards being intentionally kind to people, touching lives in the little ways I can and most importantly, reaching out and always being there for my friends. I go out more often with my friends and listen to them rant. I stopped being selfish and being just content in my own little space. I am more ambitious now and a better/kinder person.


I discovered a new church which has imparted positively in my life. I am building a stronger relationship with God and even though I still forget to pray at times, I still find my way back to God. I plan on being more committed with my relationship with God this new year.


I got to learn that no matter how nice you are, people won’t always treat you the way you treat them or the way you want to be treated but I also learnt that the problem is theirs and not mine. I also concluded that I will still be nice to people and more importantly, I will still be nice to people who treated me badly. I think the most important things I learnt last year is to be KIND to myself, to loosen up, make mistakes because I am human, forgive myself and never regret anything because they are all part of life experiences.

My best friend got married this year and had to travel to the UK to live with her husband. I miss her so much, I miss ranting to her and I miss her listening to me without being judgmental. I am so grateful for the new friends and people who came into my life in 2017 including those that are no longer in my life. I am grateful for my family and friends that held my hands in 2017.

Thank you 2017 for being a good year, for the progress and growth. I can already tell that 2018 is going to be a greater and more awesome year, the year I will be a better mother/lover/friend, the year my career is going to take a great leap, and the year I kick off my side hustle which is something I am really passionate about.


I had to come and edit this piece because of events that happened today. Just yesterday being the 28th day of December, I was talking with my colleague/friend on how we are so grateful for our job. Fast forward to this morning when we resumed at work, my friend couldn’t log on to her system, we initially thought it was network issues and I told her to come log on with my system but alas she still couldn’t log on. It turns out more than 150 people were sacked on the 29th of December which was the last working day of the year.

I was crushed, I cried and my friend whose employment was terminated was the one telling me to get a grip of myself. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my friends are now jobless and that they are entering the new year jobless but I know that God has his plans for them cause most times when the things of life doesn’t make sense to us, it absolutely makes sense to God. I know that they will be fine. I met/surpassed my target and I am so grateful for friends that went all the way for me, friends that went out of their way to make sure I excelled in my career, friends that didn’t take my disturbances as pressurizing them unnecessarily. I am so grateful and thankful for those friends.

Happy New year!!! 2018 will be a great year.

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