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***Nervously wrings hands and walks into 19th Street, HighlandBlue, slowly and unsure***

This is my first time writing for people to read (I am used to saving my writings, always unfinished), so please pardon me if I ramble. Thanks Efe for indulging me.

For life, good health, amazing friends, family and most importantly, GOD, I’m thankful! This year alone, I escaped three near fatal accidents, twice unscathed, once with mere bruises.

I achieved an education milestone with excellent results, I am very thankful even though I’m not quite pleased with the spot I’m on at the moment. I miss school and can’t wait to get back.

What could possibly be the highest point of my 2011 was spending a 2-month vacation in company of my Dad and Brother. I don’t think I’ve ever spent a month at a go with my Dad (my parents are separated) and I learnt about this brother, Deji and two other siblings when I was 13.

We first met in April, at the Airport when my Dad was going on a trip to New York. I wondered why he chose to introduce us to each other in such manner and time but I didn’t ask, I was too happy to have finally met them. Daddy came back in August and suggested that Deji and I take a vacation with him, I dropped everything and jumped at it and we left for Calabar two days after he suggested it. It was a really interesting and enlightening vacation. In that time, I found out that I was just three months older than Deji, Dad and I really bonded as we discovered that we are alike in so many ways. I miss them both now and wish we could have a repeat.

I’m used to just living life and never bothering about such things as character and my place in life. This year, I have been able to look at my life and outline the things that have put my life on a drag.

I love God sincerely, but I fail Him too often. I’ve been reading less of the Bible, just gliding through life without spiritually sheathing myself and steady taking advantage of God’s love and mercy. I set standards that I know God expects of me and disappointed even myself by falling short.

I came to terms with the fact that I’m too laid back, this most times tended towards laziness. I settled for far less than I deserved, I second-guessed myself too much, under-utilized my strength and mind so much that I pushed myself into being just average.

I know I can be better and I’ve just now started picking myself up, trying to live better and working on a better relationship with God.

This year, I really got into the groove of Twitter 😀 and I have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ truly amazing people whose brilliant insight, humor and knowledge, I have come to appreciate. I also came across several blogs with too many beautiful minds that birthed posts so amazing they laced my eyes with tears.

😀 Shalla to Efe, Nugwa, Gbemisoke, Mallam Sawyerr, Jibola, 0Toxic, Jibola and many others whose tweets, writing/blogposts have brought so many smiles to my face and caused me to critically evaluate my life.

Here’s to a beautiful 2013, where I hope to write a review of how better in life and closer to God I got.


Your shout out made me laugh for some reason. I realized my average was better than the best of many around me so I stopped pushing myself this year. Like you realized, I saw this was a huge mistake. Lives depend on us utilizing our God-given gifts for the greatest good of mankind. A single phone call can save the planet fifty years down the line.

Grateful you shared this with us. I also saw how you welcomed your other family and the forgiveness you didn’t speak of but had to release to enjoy this part of your life. Again, God bless you for sharing this Folu.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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