Dusk: De Kemi

2012 was a year full of all sorts: the good, the bad, and the abso-f**king-lutely ugly.

Where do I even begin?

Ok. I started my Masters in Marketing this year, wrote two semesters’ exams, and aced all the results I’ve seen so far. Having to wake up earlier than usual on Saturdays is not easy though and spending the whole day in class is just…depressing! I had this lecturer that relocated from the UK as a lecturer at the London School of Economics. He was my best lecturer because he always had corporate and personal stories to back up his points in class. My friends couldn’t stand him because “all na bobo”. Trust me, his stories were interesting and fun, bobo or not.
I guess my like and their dislike respectively translated to our reading patterns and general interest in his courses (they were two). When the results were out, none of the ‘haters’ passed. Imagine passing an exam and you can’t rejoice because the people close to you didn’t. *sigh*

This year, I got my first car that I named Jaja. Don’t ask why biko. And the sweetest part was discovering how brave I am. I never used the ‘L’ sign for learners and drove from Lagos to Akure & back in my third month of driving. *fans self*. You think it’s not a biggie? Well I have friends that have been driving for years and can’t even go to Sagamu to save their own lives.

This year, my eldest sister had a bouncing baby girl. I love her so much even though I’ve not seen her. And the fact that she isn’t my child makes me wonder how some women have the nerve to throw their babies away. *sigh*

This year, my immediate elder sister got her dream job. And she also got married. Her love story gives me hope…that nothing is impossible.
So she got a surprise engagement and the wedding ceremony was within two weeks of the engagement. And yeah, that’s still the best wedding I’ve been to this year. Plus, it was really cool being her chief bride’s maid.

This year, my mum retired after thirty five years of active service, and in good health. I’m very grateful to God.

This year, my dad ‘clocked’ 70. Yay! Pardon me, I don’t know if clock is the right word.

As good as the year has been, I’ve had issues with work and men. My friend, Tinuola, and I have to be the ones with the most man-drama ever. I usually tell people that I have more man-drama than the people in relationships. They usually don’t believe but the ones close to me understand what I’m saying. I met some really good people, I mean men. Some on Twitter and some in ‘real life’. See I’m this person who loves to kiss. I know I can’t endure the pain of being in a relationship with a bad kisser, so I made a promise to myself that I must have kissed someone before we can officially start dating.
Yeah, I know I’m messed up.

Back to my story, as you might have guessed, I did a lot of kissing this year. Mostly with one particular person and due to boredom and other issues, I tried out some others. It was fun though and I broke a record this year, as far as the people around me are concerned. I kissed for straight one and a half hours. Smh. I’ve had some crazy chemistry with different people that fizzled out as fast as it came. Makes me remember a line from Miley Cyrus, ‘it burnt too hard to survive’. Do I have a problem? I don’t think so. Are you wondering why I’m not exclusive with anyone yet? It’s simple but complex.

Another highlight of my year was having a story I wrote published on The Naked Convos. It feels good to know that as rusty as I am, I’m capable of writing something worth sharing with others.

And I decided to do something asides work, so if you’re in Lagos and need original perfumes, you should be talking to me.
I hope 2013 will be a better year. Better relationships, more money, greater career and loads of fun.

Mayan calendar aside, let’s toast to 2013!


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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