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I started this year with the intention of documenting every moment, every event, just so I could have something ‘interesting’ to write about in my end of year review. Then around August/September, I decided I wasn’t going to do the review after all, because my year had gone by so…uneventfully. Boring, even. But I saw a tweet that someone on my TL rt’d, about how the year had been so horrible for the person and then I thought, “Wow, I don’t have to have any spectacular event to write about, just having a good year is enough to give someone else a smile or hope…” So, here goes.

My year was literally LOL. Yes, I laughed out loud a lot. A whole lot. Considering how seriously depressed I was last year, I have to say this year felt like I had won the jackpot and basically had all my wishes come true. Like I said before, nothing spectacular happened. I didn’t win any awards, I didn’t partake in any fashion show like I had planned to, I didn’t continue my French classes (or any class), I didn’t even have any new year resolution to work towards, except the one of spending more time with my daughter, and trying to get rid of all the acne scars that pregnancy ‘dashed’ me last year. I basically entered this year without any major goals, and looking back, I think it was for the best. You know what they say about having low expectations, eh?

You see, I was able to relax and take one day at a time. I haven’t hit my 10 million target yet (who am I kidding? Even 1 million sef, I never get) but I was able to pay for my office rent without borrowing a single kobo. And it felt so good! I even got my first male student, so, yay!

I worked out a bit – I haven’t got my desired flat abs yet, but so far, I haven’t had any reason to go to hospital for any ailment, either for me or the kids, except for the routine check ups and immunisation. That is an amazing blessing for me, and I thank God.

I couldn’t travel as I have been longing to do for a while now, but I was able to visit Benin city for my school alumni reunion in September. I went with my kids and my cousin. God saw us safely to and fro, despite the terrible roads. And I reconnected with some friends I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years. It was such an emotional high for me.

H got her university admission this year. We were all so excited for her. She’s now an undergrad, and I couldn’t be more thankful to God for the people who called, prayed, and helped in one way or the other to help her achieve that. That is another testimony.

Treating the acne scars from last year led to a new first for me. This year, I spent way more than I ever have on beauty products. Creams, soaps, make up, lotions and potions. I literally went gaga over them. For someone who doesn’t go beyond eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara, it was a bit overwhelming. All those “girly” things my friends used to spend hours discussing about, arguing about merits and demerits and all what nots, I kukuma closed eyes and bought them all. Foundation, concealer, primer, ati be be lo. Initially, I kept a list of all I was buying and how much each one cost. I stopped doing that the day I summed it up and it was over 50k. All I can say is, this was (their) year. Ain’t happening again bro, no way. Lol

I played with my kids. My son is a very happy child, and somehow, his happiness has rubbed off on me. I would watch him scamper around the room on his chubby little feet, our eyes would meet and we would share a chuckle. I LOVE that he’s such a happy child. And he eats well too. And he’s got such a lovely smile. I love the way he nestles his head on my shoulder when I carry him, and the sweet baby smell he has. God did me well with this boy, exceedingly and abundantly above all I asked or thought of. I watch my daughter play with her brother, and my heart swells with so much joy, I think it will burst. Sometimes she scolds him, sometimes she talks to him and gets unhappy when he’s not responding (e dey pain, abi? Lol!) At times she tries to carry him, but I’m almost certain he weighs more than her, despite the almost 2 year age difference. See, she doesn’t eat much. Meal times with her is a struggle. But watching her brother consume everything has kind of boosted her appetite so she now eats a bit more than she used to. I’m super grateful for that. I worry that she’s too skinny (never mind that I was exactly like that too, till a few yrs back (>_<) but she’s strong, healthy and very active so I don’t worry too much.

Most evenings, after work, we play a game of “mummy, catch me!” where I pretend to chase them round our sitting room, and they squeal with laughter as we run round and round and round. I bathe them together, while singing or just chatting with them. Now that my daughter can articulate words properly, it’s fun chatting with her. We laugh over a lot of things, with my son chuckling as if he understands every word. They both giggle when I rub excess powder on their faces and whisper “ojuju”. Especially my daughter. She will cry if I forget to rub powder on her face, or if it’s too little.

“Mummy, I want ojuju on my face na!”

Then she tries to scare me with her white face and I scream and run from her and another round of “catch me” ensues. Laughter all round. ‘Ojuju’ has become an important bed time routine for us.

So I don’t forget. Our powder runs out faster than it should, but it’s worth every single penny.

We dance with our Disney junior friends – Mickey mouse, sheriff Callie, Princess Sofia and the rest. She’s still a bit clumsy but it reminds me so much of how I was at her age and makes me love her even more.

The Husband spent a large part of the year out of the country. Left early February, came back in July and stayed for 3 weeks (actually, 19 days) and left again. He’s not due back till before Christmas. So he’s going to miss the kids’ birthdays, again. He already missed Gabriel’s first birthday (in Nov) but we’re planning a photo shoot when he gets back.  It’s been hard, spending all this time apart in the last couple of years but we just dey manage. Being paid in dollars was also a great incentive, lol. It didn’t keep me company at night or cure my konji (and THAT has been horrible!) but it provided a lot of our basic needs. By January or so, we will be moving to our own house. It’s in far away Bwari, after the Law school, and there’s no electricity in the layout yet, but it’s our own freaking house! And that is something we didn’t think was possible as at June last year. But God came through for us. Big time.

Sometime in June, I (finally) started a blog. Big shout out to my friends who gave me tips on what to do and how to do it. I haven’t put up so many posts yet (where you bloggers get the time still eludes me, phew!) but I’m (hopefully) going to have more time next year. In it I want to share my journey as a fashion designer and teacher. I want to also change the bad image that tailors in Nigeria have, one post at a time. So help me God. So from next year, you can check thenigeriantailor@wordpress.com and show some love. Thanks in advance. :*

I don’t want to do a long post, and this is already looking too long. But this year has been amazing. I smiled a lot, laughed a lot, and loved a lot. I even grew small ikebe and I’ve been admiring it every time I walk past a mirror (heheheh, yes, I’m allowed to be vain *tongue out*). I will try to pursue more “serious” goals next year, self development and career goals. This year has been for me and my family. Enjoying each other, growing, praying, bonding, just chilling. It’s been a great year (except for the prolonged konji. Did I mention the konji? LOL!)

Merry Christmas to you all and a fantastic 2016. Amen?


We are literally pleased to meet you Clarion. 🙂

“He’s turned my mourning into dancing again, he’s lifted my sorrow. I can’t stay silent, I must sing for his joy has come.”

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