Dusk: Bunmi

It was 2013. A new year. New yes, but that wasn’t new. New years happen, it wasn’t novel. It was just another new year.

But for a newly minted not quite an adult who ended 2012 ranting and lying on a bed of disappointments and shame, it was going to be different.
So she decided, it would be new, she would be.

There’s all them dreams and aspirations at the start of the year…all them uncertainties plaguing her soul, the fear of the unknown, and the somewhat overwhelming need to just get it right this time.

Then came the end of the first quarter. Her birthday was done and dusted, things were all rosy. Although, exceptional couldn’t describe the 90 days gone by, there were 9 months more and she heaved that first sigh of relief.

Second quarter, smooth sailing still. She had designed a blueprint for the year and the building was coming along quite nicely. Couple of ripples here and there but nothing she couldn’t get by. Or so she thought.

Then came the third quarter, and with it unforeseen, uncontrollable circumstances that stalled everything and unravelled the fabric of all her plans. Still she tried to make something of the setback. What she got was something that was okay on the surface but when probed was more or less nothing. Underlying all the banality that filled those days was the persistent nagging feeling that she was behind in everything that mattered …music, books, places, people – Life. She tried for a September to remember (as cliché as it reads), wanted it with every fibre of her being – a flagship month where everything changes. She learnt it’s never enough to just want.

Then it was the final quarter and she went into October still rallying to make something of the year. She put it all aside to be Omotoyosi to her mother and Oluwafunmilayo to her sister. Although she got to the 11th hour before ‘re-learning’ to focus. She’s saying better late than never, for, she found peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding. It’s the best thing that happened to her this year. It became her 2013 keepsake.

I had clearly envisioned this year at its start and in the manner of best laid human plans and a higher being up there…I didn’t get what I wanted or thought I needed, I got the things that truly mattered!

Bye 2013. Hey 2014, let’s see the stuff you’re made of.

Merry Christmas in advance peoples.

P.S: :* 016 for all the laughing, planning and living we did this year. Senilore ({}) for being there.


Such a coded post. Merry Christmas to you in advance too. 


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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