Dusk: Bunmi

I have a propensity to either give away too much or nothing at all.
I know there’s a middle ground, I’ve just not yet mastered the art of treading it.
I’m hoping I can find that middle with this post.
I also may not make any sense.
So maybe I can just stop at I was happy a whole lot this year.
I can’t?
Okay I’ll go on.

I looked back at the year in words, in pictures(which are worth a thousand words) and all I saw was smiles. Not just mine but also on the faces of the ones I call mine. Even in the ‘otherwise’ moments we still had smiles, they never dwindled. The smiles they stayed strong, waxed, minted, shiny bright.

I’m happy. I was very happy this year.
And even when I wasn’t, happiness wasn’t so far from me.
All I wanted at the start was to ‘Be more’
I did get that.

I sometimes was exactly the person I used to be before;
Scared of what the future holds, worrying everything to death, always penning down a plan, some thought, some budget.
But most of the time, I wasn’t …I was this person that even I am in awe of.

The lines kept falling for me in pleasant places,
I didn’t do anything to deserve it and no I’m not ascribing it to luck either. It’s just God, always has been, always will be.

I was so happy sometimes I felt I would have to pay penance for it. Hence a lot of nonsense happened I could have avoided but which I kept getting into. Never lasted though, as is the case with nonsense.

Yes I came across quite a number of people, I wouldn’t exactly term it met.
Some I wish our paths never crossed but eyy no ‘ragrets’, some stayed despite myself, some I hope will always stay.

2014 for me was simply a year in which everything happened not as I planned but looking back it happened as exactly as it should have.


On a scale of 1 to 10 on the sharing scale I’d put you on a 3, where 1 is “I lived through 2014” and 10 is “Welcome to this space called my head.” Still, quiet progress is always a relief to read about because there’s this joy that comes from seeing your friends make progress. I pray that joy is yours more and more in 2015. Thanks for sharing, Bunmi.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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