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It’s December 2017 and as much as this year was filled with ups and mostly downs, I lived my best life.

My last review on this blog was 2011. Quite shocking as I thought I would be doing this every year. And indeed a lot has happened since then.


First, yes we actually signed Podolski (would you believe) and he left the club few years later. And yes my club actually won 6 trophies (you would never believe) including two this year since my last review. And for the first time in 20 years, we didn’t qualify for champions league (would you believe). This taught me a life lesson – you can never always feel entitled just because. You have to keep working hard even at any level of success.


As much as I was sure I would find love this year, this is one thing that has eluded me. I came close but it didn’t even last the day. I’ve left this one to God. Can’t kill myself.


I took out time last year to discover myself and travel. I did that but I faced some personal issues that ended in me being depressed but we thank God I’m still alive (Imagine dying before winning the champions league).

I came back to Nigeria in January because my father asked me to come back, get a job and find a husband – I didn’t accomplish any. So I decided to start building a brand this year. While I started it as a joke, it has actually grown and the response has been quite surprising. No it’s not making any money yet but maybe someday.


Lastly, I started writing again. I was given the opportunity to write and contribute to some blogs. So this year was basically me writing, researching, sleeping, trying new restaurants and struggling with NTEL.


Things didn’t really go according to plan however I started something – if you know me, you would be shocked too.

Most importantly, I’m Alive! I’m most grateful for my family – they made this year so easy for me. Also grateful for my tiny circle of true friends.

I hope to find discover more about me in 2018. Travel to a new country… Or Two. And maybe find love… Who knows?


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