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This year began at a total rock bottom with typical life issues. My aunt battled cancer and passed away late last year, I went through a very hard break up – as they say, the first cut is the deepest. After going through 2 jobs, I had no job to go back to come 2015, I felt I had no direction, nada! I went through so many different emotions last year that I hadn’t felt before and really didn’t know what to do about them. It got so bad that I could be watching a sad scene in a movie and be crying so much I would wonder if I was ok and not going completely nuts. I’m not much of a crying person and so the volume of tears shed was of great concern to me. I actually didn’t ask to write the guest review last year because I was just mad at how the year went. But I realized quite early in the year that ago that it’s just part of life really: the ups and downs make up this cocktail we call Life.

I started this year going for a job interview in January through a Jobberman referral and met with a conference room full of people, for a job of just 2 slots. Mid-way through the test, I packed my laptop and left. People were shocked. Even I was shocked but I just headed home because I knew it was a futile exercise. I went for another interview and was expecting a good response, only to get the contrary. It really crushed me to keep staying at home day in, day out. Some days, I’d actually get up, get dressed, pack my laptop and head over to a friend’s house or office and collect some design to work on, just to keep sane. People tried to console in their own way, “Don’t worry, things are slow, after elections things would pick up”, then it became “after swearing in, things would pick up”, and transcended to “Ministers haven’t been selected, after that, things would definitely pick up”. During that time, I learnt not to depend on the world economy, rather on the economy of God because, whenever I had a need, he always provided.

During the “waiting” period, My former boss paid for Interior design classes which I attended for 3 months (God bless him!). I started an Ankara business, making spiral notepads and phone pouches. It didn’t go exactly as I planned it would, but I believe there’s still better to come. Sometime in May, I got a call to start work for the job I was rejected for in February. It isn’t the best of jobs but it sure beats being at home.

This past year, I learnt to eat right, and exercise. I lost about 17.2kg of weight between October last year and now, thanks to De La Terre. I had heard about them when a guest writer on this same platform, mentioned them about 3 years ago. So I followed them on twitter and when they held the Shred challenge end of last year, I decided to join in and see where it led. I’m glad I did because it has put me on a better path and I feel better about myself now (plus I won the challenge so there was the extra money too :D).

I made some conscious decisions this year, and I am very happy I stuck by them and worked them out. For example, I realized how difficult it was for me to read books last year, and I made a decision to read actively this year and am so happy I did, because I am so much better for it. On the flip side, procrastination made me unable to meet some other goals, but they would be most definitely high up my priority list next year.

Despite its ups and downs, this year wasn’t devoid of celebrations: On the 9th of February, I was blessed with a nephew! Such an energetic kid! I can’t wait to see him next year. I celebrated my silver jubilee, my Dad turned 70 and my Brother got married and my parents celebrated 35 years being together (Goals!).

The most important lesson I would take from 2015 would be that I’ve learnt to live while waiting for the great things in life to happen. I have always had a mental arrangement of how I believed things would happen in my life, but I realized this year that I can’t control every detail, and instead of just waiting for that big thing to happen that would set my life in the path that I expect it to go, I have to learn to live life with the cards I’ve been dealt per time. I was also able to enter God’s rest on all these things I was waiting for and that made me not feel too worried even when I had every right to be.

I’m still waiting on His promises and I’m sure He will deliver come 2016.


How many of us have waiting stories to share? Please do so in the comments box below. I’ve been there and I know waiting is one of the hardest things to do. Thank God for helping you and thank you for sharing your story Amara. 

See you all tomorrow!

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