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Happiness isn’t something that happens down the road. Happiness is now, or not at all. If your life is spent waiting for something else to get you there, you’re not living. That’s not happiness, that’s a boss that’s never satisfied that will always have some stupid project to do for him to grant you your wish and that is not happiness.

-Nate in “With this ring”

That was my best quote this year. Going through my review of 2015, I was like really? That was just last year? It all seemed like light years ago. After going through the emotional and physical tumult that was last year, 2016 was fairly calm, monotonous but very busy. There were points were I felt incomplete if I wasn’t juggling three or more things. Sometimes it was fun, other times it was just plain exhausting.

In 2016, I believe I started to come into my own. I started working at my job mid last year and I wasn’t exactly crazy about the job…plus the pay isn’t fabulous, but I realised this is actually what I wanted to do. Being here has afforded me the opportunity of not repeatedly doing just design, which would have eventually gotten boring, but to mix the usual architecture with interior design (which I absolutely love), Graphics design, facilitating training classes in technical drawing and sketch up, as well as being part of the a team that organises architecture and design related events. I finally got to see my designs come to life- two group designs and two designs by me are in the process of being built. (I’m finally in the elite group that can point and say, “I designed that building …????). One extremely difficult client made the actualisation of one design nose-dive and I was sooo looking forward to see that one come to life, as “virtue” left me while doing the interior design. ?*sigh*

The year was filled with lots of weddings, travelling, celebrations, and a 10-year Friendiversary (Yaaayy!!!). It was sad we didn’t get to go on that vacation though. To Onyii, Damie, Dami and Vickie….kilzes!! ???? Love you guys!

You know how it feels when you really want something and you feel that’s what’s best for you but then God says No. You sulk for a while, but finally move on. Then many months down the line, you realise that that decision was probably the best thing to happen to you. That’s how I felt at a point this year. Every time I remember the incident and realise the enormous mess I would have been in, I get chills down my spine. All I constantly do is thank God that I had escaped a life altering experience.

In the month of August, I was shaken when my dear friend Shalom went to be with the Lord. Imagine opening facebook at the beginning of the day and being hit with the news. I tried frantically to call her line in hopes that it was an error but it didn’t connect. It shook me because she was just 24 yrs and we had made so many plans of stuff to do together. I remember about 2 months prior, I begged her to come to Lagos for a mutual friend’s wedding, but she couldn’t make it. I could hardly sleep properly for days after getting the news. I was too stunned. It wasn’t until a week later when they laid her to rest did I begin to come to terms with the new reality. One important thing her passing made me do was to rethink my priorities and refocus. I was made to remember not to be too caught up in the rat-race of life and forget that this is just a temporary abode. Everyone will eventually move over to eternity, some sooner than others.

So that’s what I’m taking into 2017…Keeping my focus on eternity even while inhabiting the earth. Cheers to an awesome 2017!!

P.S: To my lil nephew, Nathan, who at 38 weeks gestation didn’t make it into this world alive, we were all eagerly waiting to meet you and welcome you to the family, but God had other plans. Rest well and know you are dearly loved!


Architect. Interior Designer. Child of God.


  • Dee says:

    This is just beautiful. God bless you Amara and may the light of His love continually propel you as you enter 2017. Love you always.

  • Faith says:

    “So that’s what I’m taking into 2017…Keeping my focus on eternity even while inhabiting the earth.”

    These words capture my thoughts for 2017 as well.
    Thank you, thank you for sharing your perspective, Amara!

    Here’s to a truly amazing year ahead, one fixed on Jesus and showing forth His glory in every way possible!

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