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As I write this, Jaywon’s ‘This year’ is playing in my head. He was basically crying throughout the song, my best part of the song has got to be the chorus where he goes ‘This year’ like his eyeballs are about to fall off with the tears you’re sure will also start flowing any minute. I’m not good with introductions, I usually veer off the point. This is going be muddled up so I apologize beforehand.

2013 was a year of hallmarks; yeah I think that’s the term. The motto was basically GROW UP. I’m this kind of person that makes deals with God, I’ve done a lot of those and believe it or not as long as I do my part he ALWAYS COMES THROUGH. He is as real as the air I breathe. I like to think I’m not religious as the term has come to be associated with a lot of things I’d rather not go into but who am I kidding? 2013 was fraught with many of those err ‘deals’ one of which was I told God if I was going be filthy rich eventually I had to make my first salary before I turned 20. Hay don’t judge me.

Brethren lo and behold it happened, on my birthday sometime in march, for the first time in my life I actually took my friends out to eat with MY MONEY, not my father’s money but MY MONEY. The feeling was indescribable. I’ve been under the shadow of my father for most of my life; the man has never agreed to let me work. He’s all about education first (strictly) and seeing as I’m not the rebel type I just follow the rules. Never had a summer job, never made money on my own. I got a job writing for a website late last year though I lost the job later in the year under dubious circumstances. My mother made sure I paid my first salary to church as per ‘First fruit sturvs’ (please forgive me) lol mahn make I no lie, the thing pain me small.

This year I also got to work in a corporate organization for the first time. It was a beautiful experience, I learnt a lot. I worked there 7 months though it was supposed to be 6 but they wouldn’t let me go (true story). For the first time I realized that school was the least of my worries. I worked in the Information Technology department. I was in charge of the access control system which basically means I printed ID cards and configured them so staff could access the different floors of a 14 floor complex and was also in charge of the Access Control doors, the software they ran on and their servers. It put a lot of pressure on me. People had to travel, we had new staff coming in every other week, staff from benin, gas plant e.t.c who all needed access into the building. All this was coupled with general IT work like monitoring enterprise services and attending to in-house software and hardware issues. I was also in charge of the IT services of a smaller company, they were basically the ones who employed me but I worked with the bigger company since the IT department serviced them both. I learnt that I can actually perform magic under pressure.

I learnt to work with different sorts of people, how to be in a team. There was this other intern, my very good friend now who was a master at everything. This guy is like Superman. He was always the prime choice, like they would see me sitting down there doing nothing and wait for him to come back, it was that bad. For the first time in my life I was dealing with feelings of anger, resentment and jealousy but thank God I learn fast. I took it as a cue to up my game and thank God it all worked out in the end.

A funny thing happened to me though, about halfway into my time there, the IT HOD called me into his office one sunny afternoon and gave me a lecture about flexibility in one’s career and basically being a jack of all trades. The crux of the matter was that baba was sending me to another department  – Administration. Apparently all their interns had left and they had nobody to photocopy documents and send on errands or at least that was what I thought at the time. I was supposed to be a ‘Shared Resource’. I had never felt more in a corner or more like a commodity in my life. How was I going to fill my logbook?  Life became all that harder cos I was doing IT and admin work together but God saw me through, it wasn’t as bad as I’d initially thought it would be.

Have you ever woken up to a ‘xup’ text on a blissful Saturday morning? No that does not quite cover it, you ever woken up to a’xup text from your stepmom you last saw 6 months ago? One morning I woke up to such an aberration and I pretended I didn’t see it. One hour later my dad goes: ‘Mummy Dayo said she sent you a message on whatsapp, have you replied her?’ I replied ‘Yes sir’. I picked up my phone and replied her. My family came under a lot of fire for most of this year but you see I’ve learnt to laugh about it, seeing it all as one big joke has helped a lot. The folks are on a brink of a divorce, no in fact what they have is worse than a divorce. I thank God my family is still alive and well, at this point that is all that matters. Two of my brothers got admission into the university this year, the older through Direct entry and the second through UME. The second had the best WAEC result in Lagos state last year but because he was 15 at the time UI wouldn’t let him register. He had to stay home for one year, it was a real hard time on him. Thank God it all worked out, his name was even the first on the admission list for his course this year…yagaaaa.

School this year was hell, my grades have been dropping real bad. I started as a freshman on a first class  gp but now I don’t even know what is happening. I think I’m too lazy and lackadaisical about school. I tried though, for my first semester exams I read like a machine but the results came out and I was beyond disappointed. Worse still, I found out my dad was disappointed in me (from a third party by the way, African Dads don’t tell their kids this kind of stuff, at least my dad hasn’t). It got to me, hit me right under the belt. I wish I could tell him that I don’t know why my grades are dropping or why I’ve adopted a laid back approach to my life. *Shrugs*

You know that thing where they say when you love something, if you let it go, it will come back to you? Well it works. They might actually be right but no one tells you that the person might be so heartbroken they wouldn’t be able to get back with you again, nobody said they might just want to be friends because their ‘ex’ hurt them so bad and finally that you’ll be right back in square one. I tried to get into a relationship this year but it was too late, by the time I found out she had a thing for me, she had moved on. Funny thing is even if a girl has a thing for me she’s either always for some reason invisible or I wouldn’t even know what to do if I found out. Yeah I’m clueless like that.

My phone was stolen  just a few weeks ago at the Experience, by far the most traumatizing experience this year. To have your phone snatched from you in a Lagos danfo bus at 4am in the morning is not something I pray for my enemy.

Social networking was a prominent part of my life this year. Twitter provided laughs, and some instances of self-reflection. I met a whole lot of wonderful people I’m so grateful for. For a hermit like me it was a chance to catch up on information I wouldn’t normally  have access to, meet a whole lot of people and interact with like and unlike minds without having to move a muscle (well except my fingers of course).

I’m thankful for the few friends I have, friends that stick around even when I’m being the most terrible person in the world. Next year I wrap up my first degree, let’s see how that turns out. Maybe I’ll finally get into a relationship and stop being a pussy about it. Finally I am going to have to prove to God that all the lessons he put me through this year aren’t for jokes. Next year I actually want to GROW UP. Mind you these are not resolutions, I suck at those.


Some posts you know you’re going to read more than once, the other times perhaps as references from the success stories yet to unfold. Thank you very much for sharing Akin. Bless.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Mimsy says:

    I enjoyed reading this.
    You had an eventful 2013 and most importantly, you grew. Which is splendid cos you’re a better person this year than you were last year.
    Here’s me wishing you a more spectacular 2014. Cheers.

  • Lol, my first instinct was to shout and cheer and call you weird names. But, I’ll desist from using your pseudo-identities and stick with Bobs.

    It seems like I’ve gone through each paragraph on a personal level. But, like I’ve always mentioned all these would pass away.

    In order that I do not post a lengthy comment(although, this is already..), all I would say is that your growth is evident. For all things that grow, there’s a time when they bloom. My prayer is that 2013 would be just the beginning. A springboard to greater things.

    To 2014, the year of flowers and new beginnings.

  • Sabssster_ says:

    You really are growing up. The good lord bless ya hustle b. It was a good read.

  • Pulchae says:

    Reblogged this on Scarlet Letter and commented:
    + 1000 cool points

  • Nkeiru says:

    We are so alike. i didnt even need to think to realize that i have/i am experiencing almost everything you have gone/are going through. This is one of my favorute posts. All i can say is welldone. 2014 will be berra :-). For us both. Merry Christmas

  • Jk_McDazzles says:

    Paetir! Is that you? I really enjoyed reading this and I hope 2014 is going great already..

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