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El Oh El

I have started this post in so many different ways in my head but none seems to capture the essense of 2014. So I choose to Laugh Out Loud…

Because I’m happy…

That is my theme song for 2014. If you read my 2013 review here, you’d know that wasn’t exactly the kinda year I wanted for an enemy but hey sh*t happens yeah? And when it happens a woman’s got to become a night soil man and do some disposing.

Because I’m happy…

Like the biblical Job I got everything back this year. Well, everything that I wanted. Never did I think I had such a motherhood streak in me. I surprised even myself. The relationship with the boys is A Ok. Was scared that with them things would not be the same again. But here we are totally having fun.

Happy Happy Happy
Happy Happy Happy

My relationship with my God has greatly improved. I’m no longer upset with Him and I can feel His presence in my life daily. I make it a point to pray at least once a day 😀

Cos I’m happy

I accomplished a lot this year. So much that looking back I wonder where all the energy came from. I started #CommOnTheGo (twitter and YouTube) and #TheFloorNg with some friends. I was Project Manager for the Nigeria Agriculture Awards – the first of its kind in Nigeria. I started getting paid for writing articles (imagine getting paid for a hobby, I still find this funny). I wrote a book (soon to be published). Okay, let me stop there before I begin to feel awkward.

I maintained having just a few friends. Grew apart from some, forced myself to remain close to some. Generously used my mute button on Twitter for my own peace of mind because I’m a little more sensitive about people’s feelings and opinions.

It should have been my anniversary today. But, God has remained faithful.

I am still happy…


Is it OK for me to famz and say I share your happiness, dear friend? Is it OK? I’m so happy for you too. Dance into 2015 and have no thought for those things that might have been. Thank you for sharing.

See you all tomorrow 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Greatise says:

    Anabagail, one of the people I.follow on twitter and I least understand! But take or leave it I like her mama awon boys blog of hers. Yea cos I’ve boys too and I get to learn a thing or two. To a better 2015.

  • Loxie says:

    Congrats Abigail!!! I’m glad that your year turned out so beautiful. The happiness was palpable in your post and I am so thrilled for you and your boys and inspired by all that you were able to achieve. Like joke, like joke, step by step, see all the new things you did in 2014! Well done!!! Here’s wishing you a 2015 that is better in every way. Thank you for sharing.

  • Abigail says:

    Thank you Eloxie. I think I deserve a giant chocolate cake 🙂

  • Batty says:

    I’m happy for you Gail. Glad for how this year has turned out much much different than 2013. Glad you have a smile on again. 2015 many more pieces of the puzzle will fall in place for you and yours.

  • tiana says:

    With the beauty radiating from your picture, I can tell. May this year’s achievements and happiness be just an introduction to the life of bliss God is bringing your way…You and the boys. I celebrate you..General of our mummy awon boys nation -__-

  • Esta says:

    Congrats Gail! Here is to a greater and better new year!

  • Joy Ehonwa says:

    Mama!! See why I say I want to be like you when I grow up? I went back to read your 2013 post (I hadn’t seen it) and then came back to read this again. Look what God has done! I admire your bouncebackability o jare!

    I pray I’m able to achieve such awesome things in 2015.

    God bless you and yours, and lift you to greater heights than you’ve ever imagined!

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