It is time to start sharing, I have been reading for 5 years now and I hope this goes up on the blog too.

I began the year 2020 more carefree than I usually do, I simply decided to go with GOD. My most important prayer point for every new year is for GOD to divinely order my steps in all areas of my life especially when it does not make sense, and HE did just that.

I had the luxury of spending the first 30 days of the lockdown with my eventual wife as that was the longest period we had spent together as a couple. We both worked through the lockdown from home and it was a wholesome experience learning about each other.

My Aunt and her husband who I was visiting frequently during the lockdown and twice with my wife tested positive for COVID. She had already left my place but we both had to isolate for 21days. We all tested negative much later though my Aunt’s health really took a hit.

I switched careers at a time I was getting established in my field and in line for a promotion. This was an opportunity I was not interested in back in December 2019 but turned out to be great timing when the offer came in April 2020. It also meant a lesser grade of sorts and relocation to another city in less than 2 years.

Few years ago, whenever the marriage question came up, I always jokingly said Vision 2020 … well, the power of words yea … I had all these thoughts about who I wanted to marry and how it should go but threw all that away when I read a book back in Mid-2019. I changed my mindset immediately, met a great lady and Vision 2020 became a reality in December 2020.

However, the most important of 2020 was between September and November. I had a new job, had proposed to my woman and everything was quite good, but I fell into this state where I became fearful about everything in my life from my finances to having my own family. I started complaining a lot and got upset at almost everything. I certainly felt I should have more, should be doing more at this time of my life, where all these came from, I do not remember but it certainly overwhelmed me. Thankfully, I came back into the light as I was reminded of all the great things around me. I had to re-discover the attitude of consistent thanksgiving and this also set the pace for the end of the year.

December 2020 was really a great month for me and my loved ones. I eventually got my grade upgraded at work with a salary increase. Good news of new job offers from my inner circle really made it special, it felt like the month was waiting for me to have an attitude change and be grateful so it could manifest in all its glory.

2020 has been a definition of ‘everything works together for me for good’ as I managed to make the most of all parts of the year. I enjoyed another level of divine direction this year despite all and I pray the same for 2021.



Welcome to Stories, Deji! Your account of 2020 was an encouragement to all of us who somehow have to be forced to rethink our career choices (already or in the near future). Congratulations on your wedding (we no see any picture o) and I wish you happiness in all your endeavours.


Thank you for sharing 🤗



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