Day 12: Tosin

​2016 will be a stressful year for Oluwatosin. It will start with heartbreak of some sort. He will meet a beautiful young lady who will change his life almost immediately, and just as a future starts to look beautiful, she will leave. Oluwatosin will struggle with school and with his family and with religion; eventually, he will decide to drop religion for logic, as a lot of questions and their answers will never really make sense to him. Religion will leave him too, as organized religion has no time for fools, but he will experience Jesus in the funniest of ways albeit in short bursts that will leave him thirsty for more, but maybe not too thirsty to have him stand up and run.

This year, Oluwatosin will fall ill a lot. He will spend a lot of time in and out of the hospital. Drips, drugs and the permanent taste of depression will not really leave him this year. He will also be very clumsy this year. He will fall from the staircase of his office five Sundays in a row. He will get hit by different vehicles three times this year and he will have a lot of panic attacks. The panic attacks will probably never leave him.

He will lose friends; some by luck, some by design and some by circumstance. One will be because of his ill health and inconsistencies, but in the end, maybe it’s for the best. He will also make incredible friends this year. He will meet and maybe see some of his idols and it will be incredible.

Two days before his project defense, his laptop computer will crash and he will lose all his files. Even Linux won’t be able to read his hard drive. Despite helping all his friend’s backup their project files and journals to his cloud, he won’t have a backup. Just like he has never in the past installed an antivirus program on his computer. He will miss his project defense and will start over from scratch. He will eventually finish the project in two weeks and defend the project after his final exams.

2016 won’t be totally gloomy for him.

In 2016, he will attend TED. In the middle of the chaos of 2016, he will get an email one evening after a frustrating day. He will be invited to attend a TED Conference. It will be an incredible experience. He will meet a lot of incredible people and even be within the vicinity of President Barrack Obama. Yay? Yay! The time at the TED Conference will be spent listening to people with incredible minds, talking about dreams and aspirations and quick Google searches of economic concepts he is supposed to know but somehow didn’t get to be taught. A bunch of people he will meet will keep in touch and he might feel special sometimes.

He will also attend the Ake festival at Abeokuta. Because of the Nigerian economy and the state of foreign exchange, he will not be able to afford the festival but someone will sponsor him. In the middle of Abeokuta with other writers and beautiful minds and unsexy ofada rice, he will feel peace and at home. He will learn a lot of lessons and he will meet incredible people. He will patch things up with an old friend or lover, he will laugh at his drunk friends and he will fulfill his lifelong dream which is to sleep in the corridor of a hotel. He will have a conversation with a person whose work inspires him and drastically change his mindset about life.

2016 will bring a new urgency to his life as he finishes from the University, finally. He will develop a new fear of the future, one that was never there due to the illusion that was school. He will take a couple of things more seriously and he will make better decisions. He will eventually get a B in his project. The one that he did in only two weeks. He will crush on too many girls. He will cook nasty food that poisons him and sends him to the hospital one time in November. He will see his eight year old brother draw and then write a story which will make him too proud and content with life. He will temporarily forget his sisters first name as they call each other Adeshokan throughout the year anyway. He will become more purposeful with life.

While taking stock of 2016, he will realize that it has been an amazing year. Because Emmanuel; God actually is with us.


Oluwatosin Adeshokan

Collector of emotions, people, stories and poetry.


  • Love you Tosin. Here’s to an amazing 2017. And all those things we talked about. I believe in you and I know that all those things will come to pass. God will always make a way.

  • Laolu says:

    Wow. Just wow. Here’s to an amazing 2017 tosin

  • Ah! This one drew me in and then left me speechless.
    What a year! Wow! Just wow!

    Your journey sparked joy in my heart because I saw God walk with you. He is still walking.
    Don’t stop Tosin. Afterall, the point of walking with God is to keep going.
    It gets better. .. increasingly resplendent even.

    I celebrate your victories, blessings and even the burdens, loss and pain with you. You are becoming and very few things trump that.


    Now, lemme go and look for your work. I’m intrigued.

  • Motunrayo says:

    You’re an amazing human, Oluwatosin. And you’re loved deeply. Never forget.
    God is with you, indeed.

  • Alabo Ta says:

    I loved this. I smiled at the end. To a better 2017.?

  • Yewi says:

    This was a lovely read. I really enjoyed it. May 2017 be even more amazing and purposeful for you.

  • Ollie says:

    Tosin, this is so beautiful . I still think you’re an awesome person.

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