Day 9: Wendy

For Wendy (@WendyA__) this year may just be the year she transformed mysteriously into an adult. How did this happen? Read on and see 🙂


Remember remember, the 10th of December, the day Wendy wrote on 19th street .
(Sorry 🙁 I was looking for something witty to put for a start).
Ok so I’m supposed to talk about 2011. Never actually done this before. Not in enough detail anyway.
For the past 3 days I’ve been thinking of what to talk about, what to mention, what not to say, blah blah, and now that I’m writing, I have to say, I’ve still got nothing.

So I’m just gonna go with the flow…. Here goes nothing.

A lotta firsts this year. First boyfriend. First time I felt the need to actually work (for myself, not just for the money). First time I had an argument with my mum that actually brought about results. First time I felt like I was truly on the road to full independence, first extra piercing (I say extra cos the average girl has her earlobes pierced, everything else is considered extra).

The year started okay. It was just ok. I came back from Nigeria in January, had assessments, didn’t do that great in the assessments. England was freezing, I was broke, mum and I weren’t cool, and I pretty much hated January. And then February as well. Actually, I think I hated March too. Yeah yeah, I did.  And I have reason to believe that I have Seasonal Depression (I’m not even kidding, winter depresses me like crazy -___-). Started doubting myself, my choices and just the entirety of my existence. It wasn’t that bad, I’m just describing it in an overly dramatic way so I can get the sympathy vote.

And then the middle of the year was pretty awesome. I mean there were low moments but I think the good just overshadowed the bad. From like, the middle of the year I think I started to notice changes, and like, pay proper attention to my cognition and behaviour.

I’ll start with my mental growth. I grew a lot this year. I finally came to put myself in my mother’s shoes and stop playing the “misunderstood teenager”. I used to think my mother was out to make my life a living hell, that she just got kicks from suffocating me, constantly calling me, getting angry when I didn’t call, wanting to know where I was, stuff like that. And then I realised that she had her reasons. She’s simply a mother. And that’s what they do. The day I had a conversation with someone and said “Well, she’s my mum, it’s what she likes, doesn’t take anything from me to do what she likes so why over-complicate my life by saying no?” in my head I thought “Aaaaah! There it is! That moment that adults always talk about!”
(Can you tell I’m a mummy’s girl yet?)

Summer ’11 was just…beautiful. Haven’t ever had that much fun, no joke. Had my friends, family, everyone. And I can’t even put a finger on one thing that made everything so great. It was effortless. The beautiful memories created were made without much effort. From the corn-chewing at the corner of the road to the long walks around Lekki to the everyday trips to Palms to the gazillion sleepovers, everything just seemed 50 times more significant than it normally would.

The last quarter of the year hasn’t been spectacular but in my head it makes sense cos the year can’t be 100% spectacular. I genuinely believe Mother Nature/God/Life strives to create some kinda balance in our lives. So it can’t always be going good for you. Some people think this is a load of bull but it’s what I think. And I’ve still not be proven wrong. Then again, I’m not looking to be proven wrong.

For me, 2011 was a year of change, and significance and jolly happy memories ^_^. With certain things, especially school, I put in the work and I saw results. I liked 2011. I hope 2012 is better.

Do we become our parents? 😀 Most people do not know our writer for tomorrow but Deola (not the popular aunty, yet) will charm us with her fresh wit. See you 🙂 (If you are scared of missing a day, then subscribe)


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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