Day 8: Omofola

2014 was HELL!

I don’t know where to start from. Ordinarily, I never put my stuff out there but reading people’s reviews last year helped me a lot so I decided to do it this year. There were times I almost backed out but I knew there was no plausible excuse to give Efe.

I entered 2014 really sick. I had overworked my body in Ondo where I was serving and getting back to Lagos, I just shut down. You wouldn’t blame my body, I had been doing 7am – 7pm on the Computer, and sometimes I worked well into the midnight collating/sending data to WHO and Ministry of Health. It’s not like when I was leaving I was even acknowledged. I learnt my lesson there, work hard but not to the extreme. Notwithstanding, I was proud of myself for representing my family and school well. I mean, I was the best worker there.

I completed my service year in June and all I can say is that if not for God and my mother’s prayers, it would have been a different story. The “town” was a possessed land; nobody can tell me otherwise. My house was a stone’s throw from an Ogboni temple. Like that wasn’t enough, my landlord was a jazzman, maybe he and the rams that came in the midnight to start bleating in front of the house were doing things together. I prayed those rams away before I left there though.

See me thinking that NYSC was going to be the toughest part of the year. I came back from service to meet a broke house. My Dad did not inform us and went to do some business deals or whatever with a really huge sum of money and bla bla bla, long story short, money no dey. Nobody bothered to inform me of this before I came back, I would have saved allowee not relying on the fact that my parents would sort out my finances. Like, they were still sending me money in Ondo.

Things were really bad, with my Mother telling me uncountable times that the only reason she hadn’t committed suicide was due to the Hell clause fear involved. The first time she said that, I almost ran mad. Then she started praying for the Rapture to take place right away. I had to keep it in, be the strong one and it was only God and my pillows that saw my tears. It was hard; I have never experienced this before, I am barely 22, why now?! I didn’t have a job so I couldn’t assist in finances. At a point I resented my Father. I didn’t talk to him; I mumbled greetings and couldn’t be with him in the same room for more than some seconds. Even serving his food became difficult. That was when I knew I had a problem; I really battled with God and prayed the resentment off.

Seeing that I was slowly going crazy, I had to start opening up to close friends and let them see the pain and hurt behind the smile. Things are still bad but I have hope that everything good will still come and that the sunshine behind this cloud is massive.

2014 was the year the Devil really tried me. Like all the family issues weren’t enough, my health issues resurfaced. Last year, I bled for about 2-3months straight, it was hell. I always got stained in public, and after a while, I stopped going out. I used at least two packs of sanitary days in a day. Did series of tests in different hospitals and there was nothing that could be pinned as the cause. Doctors were confused, it was sha called hormonal something something and I was on drugs to control it before I went for prayers then it stopped. Then, last week of October this year, BAM! This was when I finally broke down in every way; my spirit couldn’t go through that stress and embarrassment again. In pain whilst I’m typing this but I’m still looking within myself for the zeal to fight/pray against this affliction. I am tired.

My 2014 still had some good in it though; I was the best/improved version of myself this year. I am very proud of the woman I grew into this year. I learnt French and read lots of autobiographies and memoirs this year. My favorite is still Chuck Norris’; his faith in God shone through the pages of the book. There was no time to fall in love this year and all those people in my life that have always put me in unnecessary emotional stress, I cut them off from my life this year. My tolerance level for nonsense hit rock bottom this year. I also opened up more to my friends, not bottling everything in like I used to, because I couldn’t handle everything on my own and I can feel the difference in my relationships: they are more vibrant and rewarding.

Spiritually, although I became more aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life, my spiritual life left a lot to be desired. However, suddenly I couldn’t stand secular music anymore and deleted them from my devices. Looking back now, I see that He already knew what I was going to meet in Lagos and knew that it is not “Dorobucci” and the like that would inspire me and strengthen me against the wiles of the Devil.

Career wise, I finally found my path. Getting a job has not been easy as I expected and due to cash flow issues, I couldn’t write any professional exams. Not like I could even read anything.

My friends came through massively for me this year. Dara, PBFL, Jewel, Asampete et al. Having friends that are always ready to listen and pray with you makes life a lot easier.

Twitter is not just a social media interface o. I appreciated it more this year. During moments when I was overwhelmed and barely holding it in, twitter always came to the rescue:

@IjOkeagu whose tweets always came at the right time like it was meant for me (I can never forget her John 6:21 tweet),

@Prince_II and @manmustwack, whose TLs was for when I needed to really laugh,

@Nugwatweets and @mynameisuche who gave me hope that God fearing men were still out there plus inspiring me,

@anafricandiva my big sis on twitter and my go-to source on all things Urhobo (Urhobo Wado!),

@Moyo_A, @Koromone, @Jollz for their tweets about their Christian journey and all that,

@Missigho, @Hl_Blue, @Sirkastiq, @iamsupervillain and other tweeps.

I’m so grateful to you all trying to cheer others despite whatever you might have been going through.

Numbness is my state of mind right now. Yes, my account is still blood red, I’m still sick, there’s no peace in my home, but I am still standing! Thankful for Life, Love, Family and the Church of GOD!

Dear God, Your baby girl is just here raising a glass of wine up to you and saying a heartfelt toast to your unending love and mercies through the years especially the one just gone by. She believes that the best is yet to come and that 2015 will be the best year of her life so far. Here’s to You, Cheers!! Xoxo

So 2014 after all your gra gra, VENI, VIDI, VICI!!



I felt goose bumps while reading this. Fola, let me tell you, you’ve already won.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


  • Ire says:

    Thank God you made it to the fire.
    Thank God you’re making it through the fire.
    I declare a turnaround for your family. Financially, Emotionally.
    I speak peace into your home.

    God bless you. Immensely.
    May your praise never cease.

  • chu-chu says:

    I can totally relate with your story with a lil tweak here and there. I felt like it was me telling the story. After graduating I came back to a broke house beginning of this year, my weight loss has been up and down due to circumstances, I got closer to God and let the holy spirit dwell in me. ” However, suddenly I couldn’t stand secular music anymore and deleted them from my devices. Looking back now, I see that He already knew what I was going to meet in Lagos and knew that it is not “Dorobucci” and the like that would inspire me and strengthen me against the wiles of the Devil.” «« Totally how it happened to me. I came to appreciate Twitter this year. I met people who gave me hope , who helped me and are still helping me with my walk in Christ . My relationship with my mum is straining by the day ever since I graduated. My service year with her under the same roof hasn’t been easy, but I try to keep no resentments. I learnt to stop worry over things I can’t control to an extent ,still a work a progress.
    My dear omofola just keep trusting in God he won’t let you down… And the Fight has been Won. There is power in the name of Jesus to break all chains. 2015 is going to be your year of Gods unmerited Favour.

  • Sol says:

    Wow. Just…wow. Your story is moving. You will come out stronger, Fola. Out of great sorrow can come great strength, and I pray your morning time comes soon enough. May God give you peace in the storm.

  • Ranti says:

    Amazing that in all, you still find things to be grateful for.

    God’s joy shall be your strength always. I pray you have a miraculous 2015, lady.

  • greatise says:

    Words are not enough. God who has kept you thus far Will keep you and perfect all tha5 concerns You.

  • J! says:

    God is holding you through the raging weather, He’s growing you. Strengthening you and building you. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith! Hold on to God. You will come out strong and victorious. 2015 will give you peace.

  • See ehn…you have no idea how much strength you have in you, God see’s you and He hears you… He has already equipped you with the mental strength to go through it all…and guess what? The end of your troubles is near, don’t ask how i know. I just feel it. You are an extremely strong woman Fola…and believe it or not, you are definitely blessed.

  • AMAKA says:

    Hey..I join you in raising that glass up to God. The devil thought he could break you but here you are still standing. Hold on sis, weeping may endure for a night but joy most definitely comes in the morning!

  • Joy Ehonwa says:

    Omofola, the Blood that bought you is precious, the Grace that seals you is perfect, the Hand stretched out to shield you is strong; all will be well. All must be well. I am glad for your faith, the faith that can sing through trying times. You’re coming out on top.

    I’ve had to forgive my dad too, and I was just 14 when the whole broke phase started. We became legit poor mehn, from 3 cars to trekking, couldn’t pay our rent so we moved into the house we were building that we hadn’t completed. No idea where the next meal was coming from. I managed to finish secondary school and started teaching “lesson” and the whole family was surviving on that salary until dad found his feet again. I’m laughing now o, I wasn’t laughing then. God is faithful.

    You are strong, Fola, stronger than you know. I’ll be praying for you fervently. God’s peace surrounds you in this furnace and He will never put more on you than you can bear. Every tree in your life that He has not planted is uprooted in Jesus’ Name. Meanwhile, you need an excellent gynaecologist please, God works through them sometimes. Let’s talk, ok?

  • Loxie says:

    Dear Fola,

    This too (everything thing causing you pain right now) shall pass. Hold on…
    It’s not an easy phase but be assured that God is in you, with you and for you and even if you don’t feel that way now, be encouraged.

    Please, I know it is hard, but don’t resent your dad for the season, oftentimes, when the storm passes, your family unit will be better for this adversity. Trust me, I’ve been there and God is faithful. God is able to do far exceeding above all you can ask or think so I commend you to God and pray that He will perfect all that concerns you.
    ALL.things (including all the downs of 2014) are working together for your good because you love God…
    Stand strong and like Joy said, God works through some amazing Obs&Gynae folks. I’m sure she can help recommend.
    God will fight for you and you will hold your peace and this entire story will end in praise. AMEN.

  • fortune says:

    you have no idea how much strength your testimony just gave me this morning with tears in my eyes.

    on my way to work yesterday my two phones got picked at the bus stop only for the thief to pick my calls and ask for the code to unlock my iPhone. (lol). i’ve been downcast. your testimony just reminded me of when i had a major accident jan8 that almost took my life and i told God whatever it might my cost me, please save me always. i don’t know what he saved me from yesterday but i know those two phones are worthless compared to it.

    certain trials come our way for a greater good. be hopeful always.

    i know it is hard but forgive and love your father. it could have worst. he could have woken up one day and decided the family he has had for over 35 years was no longer good enough for him. my 60year old father with grandchildren remarried this year. i always said to myself its because he has the money to do it, i would rather have a broke father now.

    we would always rest our hope on God, he is not done with us. better days are coming.

  • Dekemisola says:

    Stay strong, Omofola. If He clothes the lilies in the fields, how much more you who are made in His image?

    Remain diligent, you’re going places! The devil only attacks valuable ‘things’. Keep keeping on!

  • Alex says:

    Best post Ever! first time commenting. been following Efe’s blog for over two years now. I’ve always been skeptical of commenting let alone writing my own review. Dear Fola, 2015 will be a year of pleasant surprises for you and yours in Jesus name. my 2014 may not have been as bad as yours but I’ve been having low expectations for so long I was too blindsided by the negatives to realize that I actually did achieve some of the things I set out to achieve this year. your post reminds me to be grateful, to see the blessings staring me in the face, regardless of the illness that kept me ill for a month, profitable business that went by due to the illness and other diverse reasons or the fact that I can’t drink soft drinks or eat pastries and I’m one step away from being a vegetarian (more like cud chewing ruminant) I got my 1st directing gig this year(yay

      • Omofola says:

        Wow!!! It is well with your soul. i read this with my mouth wide open. Amen and Amen. True, I got to that low point for the first time where I couldn’t find anything to thank God for and I had to start a #Gratitude thingy on my bbm pm and there were days I found it really hard but I still continued. It is not easy o, but we just have to try. Not thanking God is even a sin sef.

  • Yewi says:

    Dear Omofola,

    I must say that you are very strong. For you to write this and still be very hopeful not minding what you have gone through , you are extremely strong.

    My year was quite similar to yours. Worked my ass off for my NYSC employers and wasn’t acknowledged for one day, in fact they basically threw me out; struggled with family financial issues and was always sad to go home, became more aware of the Holy Spirit in my life too and unconsciously stopped listening to secular music as well.

    You know that God is on the throne abi. He who brought you to where you are now will never abandon you and your family. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Cry and sulk all you want now because when the joy comes to surround you it would be too unbelievable. Health issues would soon be a thing of the past. Just keep praying and believing.

    I really admire your strength and courage and I’m glad you even had some good stories to tell. I’m positive your 2015 will be much better, enjoy this one while it lasts because indeed there is sunshine behind the clouds.

  • BShaba says:

    Hi Omofola,
    You are an inspiration! God bless you richly. Can I have your email address?

  • Jvmoke says:

    Bi mo ba fowokan isheti aso re,
    Bi mo ba fowokan isheti aso re,
    Bi mo ba fowokan isheti aso re,
    Ara mi yio ya gaga, ara mi yio ya gaga…

    This song kept coming to my mind as I read your post and dear, you will be healed. Keep holding onto the hem of His garment. There shall be a restoration for you too..

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