Dusk: Lade


Rom 8:31.

I was 6 months pregnant at the start of the year. It wasn’t a stressful pregnancy, it was an uncomfortable one. My incision site from my first pregnancy started itching and ‘peppering’ me. And then I had inconsistent EDD dates and the first scan really was of no help.


I gave birth. My antenatal clinic hospital was on strike. My selected private hospital pain management was a disaster. The nurses kept hoarding pain relievers 2nd night of CS. I went almost 5 hours without any pain reliever in the night. It took my mum making a scene before the nurses gave me one. It was a horrible experience.


I went in for family planning. But I had issues with it.  I kept going back and after a while, I got used to it.

I was having a bath when my phone rang. My dad had called me twice. So I called back. And he goes, “has your mum called you?”

Me: that what sir?

Dad: Ehn, calm down. She was on night shift yesterday and felt some pain in her abdomen, and she went to get it looked at this morning.

Me: Okay, what now happened?

Dad: The doctor said she has to have emergency operation right away.

Me: Op what?

Dad: Calm down. I am on my way.


My mum’s operation was a success. She celebrated her birthday too. I fully joined #TeamNatural. I am flourishing there too.


My birthday. My dad’s too. The usual prayers, calls, Facebook wishes and tweets.


My dream job had an opening. I haven’t heard anything from them since but we keep hope alive. I will get the job. Amen.


My husband was involved in a motor accident. The brand new office car he was in was a total write – off.  Both he and the driver are very fine.


The first paper from my M.Sc. Dissertation was published “Population genomics diversity of Plasmodium falciparum in malaria patients attending Okelele Health Centre, Okelele, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.”

Baby Boy fell sick. He was admitted for 5 days in the hospital. God showed up for us.


Up till this point, my salary had been regular. So I decided to put the bulk of my little savings which recession has battered in bank investments. Then salary stopped.


No salary. Thankful for the money saved diligently back in baby girl’s account. It has been a very big cushion.


The second paper from my M.Sc Dissertation is to be corrected following the journal’s reviewers comments.
The Hubs and I did a financial appraisal early this month. Financially, 2016 was tough. Recession was the official word. But JEHOVAH who changeth not, made ways. We did stuff that looked quite insurmountable last year.


If your boss/mentor is constantly giving you more work or responsibilities that are out of your depth, take the opportunities and better yourself. It might be very stressful and your boss might take all the glory. But it sharpens your skills, makes you better and your C.V is better for it. Fear should not be a default setting. Learn to face your fears.

I learnt I can have investments with as little as 50k.
Special thanks to Jehovah, who is ever present, Baba God, I cannot thank you enough. Where do I start? Is it my family, or for sound health, or for journey mercies, or for protection, or for good news, or for provision, Twitter nko? Thank you Baba God, Daalu, Uwese, nagode, Ese Baba.
OluwaTito, TanitOluwa, OluwaBankole, you all rock. God bless and keep us all.

May 2017 be better than all we have ever thought.



I am me, different from everyone you will ever meet.


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