Day 7: Olumide

“…..yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it is called “the present.” – Chinese Proverb (atink *scratches head*)

I actually had to go through all (ok, nearly all) of the posts on Efe’s blog on this particular topic seeing as I’d never written on a platform such as this especially given the theme of the series. Well, let’s just say I was blown away by the various stories I read. I laughed, cried (ok not really, real Gees don’t cry), meditated etc but I didn’t lose the essence of it all. Most of the posts I read had the writers recounting various (personal) experiences in an attempt to describe what the past (outgoing) year was for them. I was awed by the candor shown by all of the writers and I thought how difficult it would be for me, being a very secretive person, to come out of my ridiculously introverted mien to write on personal experiences I’ve had in this year thus far. Seeing as I’m someone that keeps to himself most of the time and hardly shows any form of emotion whatsoever, I’ll try as much as possible to be honest and open.

2012 started on a boring note. I am not really into the new year resolutions thing so I guess I just thought I’d live the year as it comes. I had absolutely no expectations. All I knew then was, it was the year I’d finally come into my own. Having had some issues with getting into the university, I was finally going to graduate soon. I had hoped that the new year would be interesting and bad news free. I was wrong.

Before the end of the first month, I heard that a friend of mine, Lara, had passed. I was devastated. Days later, I got news that another very dear friend, Tayo, who was also the cousin of another very dear friend, had passed as well. She was involved in a ghastly auto accident. I thought wow! This year has barely even started and I already lose two friends? I also met a host of amazing people (especially during the Occupy Nigeria protests) who helped me rekindle my faith in this country. We have remained friends since. That same month, I met an amazing girl who is playing a very important part in my life (I hope the ‘no relationship gist’ rule doesn’t apply this year o). Well, we met in the most hopeless of places and this girl is teaching me to show emotions. I had finally summoned up enough courage to desist from wasting my resources; time, financial, emotional etc on a girl that was obviously not that into me. I chased her for five years. FIVE WHOLE YEARS! With the benefit of hindsight, I wonder how stupid I must have looked in the sight of my friends, chasing a babe for five years. We’re still friends though but I’m sure she knows that things can really not be the same. Let me not bore you with the gist but in fairness to myself, it was more difficult to get a girl back then unlike now when all you need is just one or two bars of twix. *moves on*

In the second month, I got wind of a job opening via twitter and I thought to apply since it was right up my alley. I was handed the job. The gist there isn’t really about the job; it’s about how my boss turned out to be the most amazing person I’d ever met in my life. I mean, I could gist with this man endlessly and not have to bother about sounding boring. That was to be for me the floodgate, opening unto various deals and opportunities and as such, it’s one of the things I’m thankful for. I also went for a job interview/audition at the Beat FM studios in Lagos. I’d heard they were opening up a studio in Ibadan and they needed presenters. I am yet to hear from them but I thought I killed the audition.

The next month, March, was pretty uneventful except for the fact that I twisted my ankle during team training (I play on the school basketball team) and I had to put my foot in plaster of paris for a month. I was literally immobile during those four weeks. I thank God for friends: Ab, Seun, Ronke, Tope, Okiki, Nath etc who were there for me during the ordeal.

April, my birth month, was just as boring and uneventful. I have never received a birthday gift from anybody in my life so I really don’t know how it feels to get one. I have also not celebrated any birthday before so my birthday usually just comes and goes. This year however, something happened. There’s this Aunt of mine that has never failed to call to wish me a happy birthday. She has been consistent over the years so I have subconsciously built an expectation. Every birthday, the only call I eagerly look forward to, is that from Auntie Foluke. This year, sadly, she didn’t call. I felt dejected and let down. Looking back now, I smile because I know it’s never that serious.

The rest of the year has been filled with sad news. We lost Tayo’s younger sister, Tosin, and a very dear friend of mine, Shina, to Asthma. Both deaths pained me deeply because, apart from the fact that these were very close friends, Tosin’s parents had just lost a daughter only for them to lose another, in the same year! Shina happened to be the only child of his parents and he and I have been through a lot. He introduced me to street life and I went with him on my first (and only by the way) trip to a brothel. He had finished with school and was doing very well for himself before the cold hands of death took him away. I pray their souls rest in perfect peace.

I have had to deal with serious emotional stress and extreme dejection this year. Nuclear family-wise, I’ve had to contend with serious drama of misunderstood emotions and actions. Many times, I’ve contemplated giving it all up but then remember that my life has always been tough. I always feel my life is a constant struggle between two powerful entities. One moment, I’m happy, the next, I’m sad and depressed. This year however, was extra stressful. I get a feeling from time to time that I have an axe to grind with certain “powerful” members of my family for the way my life turned out. This feeling tells me that, one day, we will all sit at a table and discuss it all. For now though, I just sit back and try to endure whatever drama they choose to bring.

I have lost faith in God this year, I have also regained the faith but lost all interest in religious activities and gatherings. I also got a sneak peak into the world of corruption masked as activism this year.

I have made fabulous friends (especially on social media) this year; friends who have inspired me in more ways than one. Friends like Dapo (@holarjobs) & Aisha (@hahishaa) have taught me, in different ways, that no matter what life throws at you, do not sit and lament. Make the most of it because it could be worse. Here’s to you guys; you inspire me in more ways than you know!

Here’s to the new year in sight. It promises to be one that’s eventful seeing as I’m adding some new business ventures to the two already in place in the new year. Two of these are a record label and a consultancy. I’m determined to make the most of the opportunities that come my way. I’m determined to be more dedicated to myself and all my visions and dreams. I have also made up my mind that, when life gives me lemons this year, I will not make lemonade. Imma throw that lemon in that b**ch’s face & ask nicely for oranges, then proceed to make orange juice. The plan is to become a retired multi-billionaire (in $) philanthropist by age 55, so help me God.

So I end by referring you to the statement I started with. Please raise your glasses with me….. Here’s to a new year filled with opportunities for success, excellence in living, daily thankfulness, continued independence, renewed friendships and outstanding awesomeness. *clinks*

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iPad big boy. This year was good to you no doubt.

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