Day 7: Kenneth

Happy New Year!!!

We cheered and hugged and danced into 2014 and as with every year I had my goals and aspirations for the year marking my 3rd decade on this earth. There’s so much I expected I’d have done already, most of them based on societal expectations, you know how it is.

A week into the new year, I had an interview for a job and before I knew what hit me I had a job with a federal agency. Even though I had a job already, this new job was more relevant to my course of study and would have a greater impact on my long-term career path so I took it despite the fact that the pay was rubbish. Now I had to quit my former job and move to a new city where I knew almost nobody (fortunately, I had a place to stay rent-free because rent in this place is mad expensive). I was meant to settle down fully within two weeks.

Long story short, there was a delay of almost 8 months before I finally resumed at my (no longer) new job. At times, I honestly considered going back to my former job but thankfully I had a strong support system: my family and friends were always there looking out for me financially, emotionally and with plenty of prayers. Finally, I resumed the job and I expected everything would be smooth sailing from there. But no! There was an issue with my account that was unresolved for months and so I spent this entire year without a proper salary, even though I got some payments for the side “huzzu” I was doing. Talk about patience being tested to the limits.

Despite the difficult times this year, there are a thousand and one reasons to be thankful (I won’t put them all in this post). Several baby steps without which I might have collapsed. In spite of the long delay in resumption and salary issues, I’m celebrating resuming at a new job, and also how myself and a couple of guys were able to finally get the push to start a company we had been foot-dragging on. Even though there’s been no major business yet, we are very hopeful that 2015 will be huge for us.

For me, 2014 was a year of great challenges, but more importantly it was a year of overcoming the challenges and I was only able to do this by allowing my faith in God grow. I learned to believe in myself and very importantly, I learned to share my troubles with people and accept help (not necessarily financial help, sometimes just a word of encouragement would do) and although everything is not 100% yet, I can say that I have grown a lot in the course of the year. Though I wouldn’t like to have this sort of experience again I am thankful that I have come a long way just by taking little steps in the right direction.


You see, patience is important when you’re taking baby steps in the right direction. Sometimes it’s not the speed or timing of progress, it’s just the persistence of gradual progress that is most powerful. Also, it is no mean feat for a man to accept help and have to be dependent for so long. But we’re glad you pulled through it with humility. We are also glad you shared your journey with us. Thank you very much Kenneth.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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