Day 5: Sawyerr

*Teleports into a grey themed room with people seated quietly sipping tea and hot chocolate. He walks quickly to the podium and as soon as he stands behind the lectern, launches into his speech* I would like to thank Efe for giving me the opportunity to come to Highland Blue and talk to y’all, it’s such a… *notices he’s getting funny looks from the audience and then he sees a raised hand* “Sir, I’m afraid you teleported into the wrong venue.” But this is 19th Street right? “Yeah, but Highland Blue’s the opposite building” *sighs and mumbles Japanese curses, mentioning Efe’s name from time to time, then teleports into a blue themed room with people laughing and sipping cocktails and ish* Aha! This must be the place. *walks quickly to the dais and then clears his throat like a Japanese bawse*

Good day y’all. It’s such an honour to be here in Highland Blue. When Efe begged me *side eye at Efe daring him to dispute that claim* to come and talk about my highs and lows in 2011 I was elated. The only thing I was a bit miffed about was that he said no romance. I was like WTH mehn, that’s like getting Kelvin to talk about his year and asking him not to mention the #WithAnL saga. Why evils? Hooking up with my woman was my highest point mehn, but I’ma obey him sha (shebi na im get im blog). Y’all see what I did there right? Yes? No? *sigh* *Takes a sip from of his flute of shilled Zobo Classic™*

So I’m gonna be talking mainly about my highs, I haven’t had any significant lows (Arsenal’s start to the season was the worst of the year for me. No be sey the thing too pain me like that o…but I feel am sha. Thankfully it’s all better now right). Besides this is a High-land after all *crickets suddenly begin chirping*. Anyway sha, 2011 was a milestone year for me, turned 25 this year, and I gotta say all in all it’s been a really cool year. The highest non-romance related point *side eye at Efe again* would be my summer holiday hook up with my goons from The States. For the first time in six years, all three of them came back home around the same time. What made it even cooler was it coincided with my birthday, as in, summer toh kwaliti mehn. Nothing, I repeat nothing, beats hanging out with folks that you know if shit hits the fan have got your back 110%. Those two weeks in August…awesome.

My years usually have themes and 2011 wasn’t different. It’s been the year of relationships. Thanks to the combination of my Blackberry, my laptop (both of which I acquired this year), Twitter, and Blogsville, my life has become so much richer because of the connections I made with some truly wonderful people. It’s unbelievable that I’ve known most of these folks for less than a year, and yet the level of closeness and camaraderie we share is just so on point. So, to all the friends I’ve made this year, in cyberspace and real life, especially my Blogfam ( Kporokotom…;) ) and tweeps I say domo arigato gozaimasu *lifts his flute of shilled Zobo Classic™ in salutation*.

The final high point I’m gonna share is exam related. So I wanna go to grad school next year, and I needed to write GRE. To cut a long story short sha, after several false starts, several “almost-registered”, one registered-but-missed exam (the $190 still dey pain me till now mehn…as in) I finally wrote it at the end of November. After seeing my scores for the verbal and quantitative, I thanked God because all the stress was worth it. Needless to say, I walked out of the hall feeling like Naruto did after his encounter with Pain and Konan in their hide-out…like a Japanese bawse mehn *poses as several cameras flash and the theme song from Rocky plays in the background*

Oh and yeah before I forget, business wise, seeing my Zobo Imperial go viral in cyberspace (even reaching 360Nobs and being faked and bootlegged all over the place) just made with glow with pride *gives Mike Adenuga a Japanese yimu*.

Like I said, 2011 has been a good year for me. So many other things I can’t talk about here have made it beautiful, but I believe 2012 holds better things and I’m really looking forward to them. So, thanks for listening to my temperate tales (I wonder how many people will get this one), this is where I depart. *finishes what’s left in his flute, bows like a Japanese bawse then teleports to his Blogsville abode*

That was Femi (@MallamSawyerr) 😀 Tomorrow we will be listening to Malota. Subscribe and tell your folks. See you. 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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