Day 5: Raji

2012 is that year where I was the happiest and saddest. I’ve tried to limit this memoir to include only the beautiful parts of my life in 2012.

The year kicked off on a pleasant note just like when you start your vehicle in the morning and gently release the clutch to enable smooth acceleration. I was able to graduate officially this year (even though my certificate reads 2011) with a B. Tech Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Lots of water has passed under the bridge but I’m eternally grateful to the Supreme being for bringing me this far.

The Joy that filled my heart when I collected my call-up letter in June was unquantifiable. Seeing that I was posted to Ogun State (I would have preferred Lagos anyway) unlike my other colleagues who were posted to Northern states. With a joyful spirit, I carefully shopped for all I felt I’d need after consulting Google severally for items to be needed in Camp. I even bought things up to nail-cutter, which was later seized at the point of entry.

I arrived at the Camp with my immediate younger brother (fresh Otondo too) at Sagamu on the 2nd of July. We completed registration later in the day. We were served Jollof rice and one tiny fish (then reality dawned on me). I said to myself; “This is not going to be sexy but I will make it fun for me”. The next morning as early as 4.30am, we were woken up by the soldiers. We needed to have our baths and get ready for parade. I headed for the bathroom (as an Ajebo) but to my utter dismay, the place was in a huge mess. In that awkward moment I saw my fellow corp members getting undressed and bathing in the balcony. “Waoh! Na me be this? I don die”. I slowly proceeded to join them (I was feeling shy). This was the ritual throughout my stay in camp.

Need I tell you that I was lucky to be posted to Ogun State with a couple of my colleagues from the same Department and others from other Departments too? It was a mini-family reunion.

Five days after arrival at Camp, I was elected as the Female Platoon Leader. Uneasy lies the head that bears the crown. I had to participate in majority of the camp activities representing the Platoon and all. I was so elated when my Platoon emerged as the winner in the cooking competition. It was indeed a day to remember. I’m grateful for the friends I made on camp who were like brothers and sisters to me and the camp soldiers too. I really had a nice time without the malaria episode which I’ve deliberately left out.

I was posted to Abeokuta with my side-bunkie and my brother. We were almost stranded on our first day here because we didn’t know anyone. Eventually, we were able to find an affordable hotel to check-in.

At this point, I must acknowledge the love and support of my ever loving and loyal Family and friends. They all made it what it is. Starting from my Mum (the Queen of my heart), Siblings, Yewande (my cousin), Tiwalolu Adesanya (who was always sending msgs and calling too), Muyiwa Abayomi, Ayooluwa Adewumi, Aisha Faderera, Idayat Salami, Mofifoluwa Akibo, Ahmed A.A., Efe and everyone who was there; I’m eternally grateful to y’all.

Then came October when I lost my grandmother. She died on the 21st while her birthday was on the 26th. Same day with Sallah. She didn’t live to celebrate either of them. Grandma watched me arrive in this world then I had to watch her leave. It was tortuous. Such a good woman, even though she was old, no one expected that she’d leave so soon. Ever cheerful and light-hearted woman. She left us all without Goodbye. Survived by her husband and children. Adieu, mama.

I live with my side-bunkie, Kudirat now. Who woulda thought that we’d be so close now. They say you shouldn’t judge people too early, but she’s really a great friend. I bless the day we met.

There’s a great lesson I learnt after all; Never write anyone off, you never know who’s gonna be holding your oxygen mask.

Aliamdulillah for such an eventful year so far….

By ‘Tosin RAJI
@teetooraj x_X


Thank you so much Raji. You may grow to enjoy writing like this.

Tomorrow the first guy in the series joins us, Emmanuel. Look forward to seeing you 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.

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  • Jk_McDazzles says:

    I can almost say this is my brother’s story cos he regaled tales close to this when he got back from Shagamu, got stranded in Abeokuta and started searching for a housemate.
    He still has none, unfortunately..
    I wish you a fruitful service year and a reality of your dream-life immediately afterwards..

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