Day 4: Tobi Mbaya


This year, I learnt again that it is the mercies of God that lead to repentance. God was too good to me in all areas of my life and the thought and evidence of this one fact always brought me back to Him whenever I strayed.



We went through it all: victories and losses, deaths, growth, promotions and major glow ups! Through it all, God kept and saw us through. We are here now, on the verge of something great and big (and we are thankful).



Built amazing relationships this year, what bliss! I also trimmed my circle; that thing about your circle affecting/impacting your life and all is too real, biko. One thing I am learning in relating with people generally is to un-look and choose my battles while maintaining my peace. Meanwhile, I was also queen of petty gang. See eh, to maintain my sanity and peace of mind I am letting that ish go.

I had moments, days, weeks and months of self-doubt, but the great people in my corner kept praying with me and cheering me on.

I have a question though. This thing about self-doubt, is it a constant battle or will we ever overcome it completely? What happens when there is practically no one around to cheer you on, or ginger you?



At work, I had more responsibilities, which stretched me beyond my capacity and gave me the needed opportunity to grow.

Also, the tides changed at work; it was a time of many uncertainties. Guys, change is difficult! So, I joined the bandwagon of office gossip, pity party and the lot and for a second forgot the reason I came here. Thank God for a sharp reset of mind.

The best advice I got from an older and much respected colleague that was leaving was this: “put your head down, work hard, be the best and you will stand out.”

I took it to heart, and it paid off. It wasn’t easy though, it was like swimming against the tide. However, we keep moving cos that’s how we roll.



This year I learnt that love finds you in the most unlikely places and unlikely packages…


Personal goals.

I had goals that I did not meet up or achieve;


  • Further studies: I was convinced I had to do my PhD this year. I tried oh… kole werk; interest disguised as time and money refused to see eye to eye. Now I’m asking myself if the time for it was right. Also, do I really want a PhD and if I do, what are my reasons? Haven’t gotten the answers though.


  • Side hustle: I joined the fast-moving train of running a side hustle; I wanted to run my consultancy alongside my demanding day job. I love and enjoy my day job, but still felt it necessary to run my thing… Was it pressure of wanting to join the entrepreneur gang (IG I blame you for this, lol); was it fear of having just one stream of income; was it the right time? Questions again!

Well, I quickly lost steam and burnt out. Anyways, I’m focused on one right now; my day job. I might come up with a better strategy for doing both in 2018 or might leave one and focus on the other. Anyhow it goes though, I’m chilled.


  • Weight: the struggle was real guys… one thing I am sure of is I love food. But aluta continua, Victoria acerta!!!


Through all of this though, I have learnt and seen that God has been faithful and His hands are upon my life.

Baba God, may I not fall your hand!


Cheers to 2018, I can’t wait to meet you and see how you unfold! ☺


Tobi Mbaya

is an early years teacher with the dreams of changing the world one nursery rhyme and lego block at a time.. Currently dabbling into the field of educational research and loving it. Learning to take a step at a time in this journey called life.

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  • Dele says:

    It’s been a year of wonderful colours which required us to push beyond limits.

    It easy finding someone but not cool when you are told ‘ I don’t see us together’ @ Dr. Please don’t ask it hurts but healed

    Grateful for all God. I will call you about it

    The game just begins and ready to add more

    Am all in this year for a group trip.

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