Day 4: Sekinat 

One humid night, in a sleepy town on the outskirts of Lagos, a damsel was up and ready to let her short hair down. Out she went into the night, all alone, to meet up with… Stop, this is not a fairytale.

This is real life. After gyrating and rolling waist to a live band at Afropolitan Vibes, it was just our luck that the car started overheating. Like, seriously? We sha parked the car near the tollgate and the people helping were actually helping themselves. Guys, they broke the carburetor or something.

Gosh….. trying not to focus on all the bumpy rides and the Or or or or or and confusion. Breath In and Out.

2016 is the year. It’s been about incredible growth. Growing pains. Completed and ongoing work. Moments shared with friends. You know what’s amazing? Support, when you are ready to just park it and raise hell, or you are sitting quietly in one corner, looking forlornly at all the work you are yet to complete then a message pops up on your phone. Yasssss lawd, I’ll abandon the work and brighten my mood by chatting away. Moments and memories created. Working together and sticking together regardless. Just, knowing there are people you can reach out to or even just the knowledge that you are not alone. I don’t know, I call those moments Magic, when a smile or a cheery good morning can change your mood. Or a peck from a little angel. I live for moments like this.

Anybody ready for Jesus to come already? ARGJJJKKHFFG 2016. I decided to not rant about how ridiculous/childish/harsh this year has been. I will be grateful for all my experiences instead. Does it hurt less? NOPE, but there is Peace.

So I’m going to share a couple of things I listed throughout the months while life was flexing with me. Every day I was struggling and breaking down, I decided to look for things to be grateful about: 

Grateful for every member of my family, friends and community.

My period started yesterday. No pain. Grateful that it’s been consistent too.

Grateful for my instincts too. Forever having my back. I listen, trust me. I do.

Grateful for a new day. The joy of no pain. Freedom from fear. And peace of mind.

Grateful for life and for God. Was saved from an accident. Me and mum. Thank you God.

Grateful for gifts from friends. Thoughtful gifts. God bless my friends. All of them.

For inner peace in every situation. The ability to praise God in trials and triumphs. I am eternally grateful.

Grateful for the spirit of letting go. It amazes me how easily I forgive and get over hurt. Grateful for that spirit in me.

Grateful for me, for being strong. For being a warrior. For sticking by myself and for all the love. Thank you for being. Love me.

Grateful for all my lessons. Closure and conclusions. Grateful for a new beginning.

Grateful for my strength. I can face and weather every storm. For healing. Grateful for the help of God and strong will.

Grateful for always having my own back. Whether I am being reckless, loving, playful and most especially when I’m judging myself too harshly.

Grateful for lessons disguised as mistakes. Grateful for lessons that are blessings. Grateful for every thing that breathes in me.

Grateful for a new day. Birth month and I feel awfully low.

I am grateful for Love. The one that has saved me and brought me thus far. The one that sheltered and fed me. The love of memories.

Grateful that I’m able to tap into the reservoir of endless love. Forever flowing and streaming into my life. Grateful for a light heart.

Grateful that no matter how sad or low or helpless I feel, I can bring myself up and out of any dark thoughts by His grace.

Grateful for friends that you can talk meaninglessly and mindlessly with.

Learning to trust again.

I am grateful for music. Art. Books. Fashion. Pen and paper. Technology. Medicine. Food.  (My companions). “We got you boo boo.”

Lessons I’ve learned:

– Good trees fall apart on the outside while being built up from the inside.

– “Never Say Never”. It is never black and white, consciously expanding my views so I can see the many beautiful shades of color.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY. Don’t wait until Christmas. Look at the magic all around you right NOW. Look for happiness, laughter, friendship, love and above all peace.

2017…. Let’s get it ( *whispering* haff sense abeg).


I stan for being weird and Different. I believe in God's Grace.


  • God’s Grace? It’s certainly the only way to go.
    I’m thankful for your year, gamut of experiences regardless. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review. This refreshing quality. ☺?

    Boy! Am I grateful for painless period? Phew!

    Don’t sweat it, 2017 will haff sense. Lol. Here’s why? 2016 essentially built y(our) capacity to stay connected/dependent to/on the source and to enlarge y(our) coffers to receive the abundance of incoming rain.
    Look a little further, see the cloud the size of a man’s hand. It’s gon get stupendously bigger!

    As for Jesus’s return, lol. He’s waiting on us. * sigh *

    Light, Hope and Peace.

    • Sekinat says:

      Thank you for your kind words, really appreciate it.
      He is waiting indeed with opened arms. Blessings to you and yours. Peace, Love and Light

  • Ogor says:

    Please have sense 2017. I have no expectations but please just have sense.

    Grateful for you, Sekinat. God preserve you.

    • Sekinat says:

      Lool. The sense I want 2017 to have is packed with expectations. Amen. I pray he meet us all at our points of need. Thank you Igor.

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