Day 3: Denikhe 

This year.

I honestly don’t know where to start this review from. I also don’t want to divulge too many things. But writing this now, I realise that 2016 had its bad parts, its really low parts. But it was really really good to me.

I clocked 18 on December 3rd last year, (yes it’s my birthday today!) and in 2016 I had to ‘adult’ in every sense of the word.

This year did not go as planned at all. I had thought that I’d be in the University by now but LOL. Forex did its thing. I did not get into Unilag either. Life does its own thing sometimes and it will not be your fault in anyway, you will ask why, but get no answers and eventually have to ride along with the waves of life and what it brings. I did amazing in my second year A-level examinations, and I’m super grateful for that. Great results don’t go anywhere, and I can always reapply next year. I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m taking a gap year from school. I also think it’s for the best, and since life is your own unique path with its own curves and everything, I think I’m going to make the best of my gap year. Do a lot of exciting projects, learn a lot of new things, take jobs. Basically, do all the things I won’t get to do if I was going through a regular school program.

I still get sad some days, when my friends talk about their uni struggles or I remember that the people I left secondary school with are in their 3rd year of university. Comparison is really the thief of joy. When I get sad I just think about all the progress I’m making in other areas of my life.

My career really took off and grew this year! I’m so excited about it and all the prospects. I started this year with my first real job, and lost it soon after. Maybe it was the inexperience or I was not just very good at it, but I got fired. I was really bummed and it hit me really hard. Seeing anything about the company triggered me a lot, but I’m glad I lost it, because if I didn’t I would not have the amazing job that I have now. I’m so thankful for my current job, I love my bosses and colleagues and the pay is great, so I really cannot complain. If anyone told me I’d be earning what I currently earn, at this time, I would strongly dispute it. The company offers me great opportunities for growth and they appreciate the work I do. What more could a girl ask for? It’s much better than the internship I did from June to September. I interned at a very popular start up and it was terrible, I was not learning anything or developing in any way. The one thing I did learn is how not to run a company, and the things you should not do if you run a business. My career goal for 2017 is to get new skills and get certified for them. I’m honestly not going to limit myself at all. I can do anything I set my mind to. I also plan to get an extra job or two so I can have multiple streams of income. That’s really important. I think I’m getting over my imposter syndrome too, I no longer think I’m a fraud or I don’t deserve good things.

I’m learning how to manage money better, saving more and being more financially responsible and accountable. To be honest, when it’s your own money you spend it better. I’m learning to create budgets and stick with them. My phone broke and I still don’t have a new phone. I can’t get a new one just like that because it’s not in my budget, and I have to save up separately for it. So, a phone would be a really great birthday gift. Saving is hard, and it requires a lot of discipline, but I am doing it.

My co-founder, Lade and I worked really hard on BookBarter (a book exchange service) this year, and we’re just really trying to figure out this business thing, provide a great service and monetize. It’s been exciting and it’s exhilarating to see the work we’re doing come into fruition, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us.

This year I became a woman. I’ve grown immensely.  On the personal development front, I learned to stop quitting projects halfway, and I learned consistency, (I have Binj to thank for this). I learned that the only way to get results is to put in the work. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m much better with my work discipline and getting things done. My writing suffered a bit, but now, I’m getting back on track. 2017 has to be an amazing year for my writing. I will work super hard at it. I have to. I read a lot of books this year too. I really like books. I also bought a lot. Did not journal religiously. I’m going to get a fancy notebook that will encourage me to write everyday.

I started exercising. I do my walks and sit ups regularly, so maybe my tummy will eventually go down. I had fun this year honestly, went out more, started watching shows, and enjoying myself. I plan to enjoy myself to the max this december. So if you guys know of any fun things going on, please invite me. I think I also started acting my age more, but I’m not really sure about this one though. And oh, I still don’t wear makeup. Maybe I will in 2017, LOL. I locked my hair this year like I’ve always wanted to, so now I have dreadlocks. I can’t wait until my hair is super long though.  I also started using prescription glasses. Now I can see.

I didn’t really make any new friends this year, but I’m thankful for the friends I do have. I don’t want to name names, but thanks guys!  Friends are awesome. I hope to make new ones in 2017 though, so if anyone wants to be my friend, just send me a dm. My twitter handle is @denikhe. I think I want a sisterhood of strong female friends. Haven’t had that since I finished my A levels. Thankful for my parents and my sisters. This year did not break us. 2017 will be a better year. I’m happy my parents treat me like an adult, let me take my own decisions, and give me the freedom to do what I want. I don’t think they know how much that means to me.

God was faithful to me this year even though I was super inconsistent. He still gave me peace amidst the chaos, and always provided a way out for me.

I saved the best for last. What I’m most grateful for this year is my boyfriend, and all the happiness our relationship brings to me. I learn from him every day. And he is always always there for me. He’s also helped me a lot with my career development and everything, and most of all he’s my biggest fan and dearest friend. He’s my favourite person to talk to and he constantly keeps me on my toes and encourages me to do more. Can’t thank God enough for him. Love is really amazing, and he honestly helps me be a better person. I kinda think he’s my guardian angel sent to walk with me through life. We had bad days, but even on the bad days, there was good. I’m thankful for that. What we have is beautiful, and I’m still in awe of it.
2016 taught me that I can do anything. My skin is popping, and I’m happy. Didn’t realise how happy I am until I typed that. Here’s to a better 2017 and more growth and happiness that overflows. Can’t wait to do my next review and share awesome news with you!

Barakat Sheriff

Queen. Writer. Reader


  • Tobi says:

    Happy birthday dear!! Well done, you’ve done quite a lot this year’s.
    Cheers to a greater 2017.

  • Raaakkkssssss. You are an amazing amazing person and I can’t believe I’m older than you. I’m soooooooo happy that we know each other and I know that there are great things in store for you.
    This gap year, enjoy it. Use it to expand and explore. I can relate to the whole situation. Comparison really is the thief of joy. But only if you’re comparing outwards. Look at where you are now and look at where you were before.
    Can’t wait for all the exciting things that next year will bring us individually and together and BookBarterNG.
    Love you

    • Lizzieebunoluwa says:

      What Deaduramilade said.

      My word! Your story is just so wholesome and bursting with joy. I’m thankful for the year you’ve had and for your journey.
      Your maturity is enviable sha…
      I just want you to know that I’m rooting for you.

      Happy birthday. It can only get better.
      Praying you incredible seasons in 2017, a strong female friends support system( i wonder what my 2016 would have been without the ones I was blessed with) and the courage to enjoy make up in the coming year. Lol


      P.s; I plan to lock my hair in 2017.

  • Clarion says:

    Yaaay! Someone who had fun in 2016! I’m happy for you, and I wish you a happy birthday.

  • Yewi says:

    All of what Lade said. You guys are so inspiring. Just keep doing you, don’t worry about your classmates that seem to be going higher than you. Remember, everyone’s journey isn’t the same and we must all walk different paths in life so you’re walking yours now even though it might be different. You’re doing a lot of things right girl and people can learn a thing or two from you, myself included. So don’t worry about it, keep doing you and keep being happy. Happy happy birthday to you. Hope you get your phone ?

  • highlandblue says:

    Was about to shout Raakkkkkksssss when I saw it had already been shouted. Thanks for sharing your story and for the wisdom to use your gap year properly. I have been working for 5 years now and I wish sometimes I had a gap year to fix some loopholes in my miseducation. Keep at it.

  • Laolu says:

    Your happiness radiated so much through this i caught the happy-bug. To a happier 2017!

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