Day 26: Ranti

One day Ranti (@NateOblivion) appeared in my mail demanding to be published on my blog. Today, along with his Pass The Salt friends, they have license to operate freely on 19th Street. But I digress…


2011 for me was the year of growth. Of self-discovery. Of emancipation. The Universe has its own way of doing things, but this year, chance and time proved very important. But let me not get ahead of myself.

January 2011 wasn’t quite eventful, but it was the month that I left my parent’s house for the first time. I was forced to learn about other people and figure out a way to co-exist with the most annoying of humans. (Over-religious people are the lowest form of human existence in the universe. Just putting this out there)

February. The month of love. But for yours truly, it was just another month of wallowing in loneliness and keeping my head above water, while struggling with emptiness. (It was also the month where I slept through a shooting.)

March. I thought I found something I was looking for, but it turned out The Universe was saving me for something a bit more outrageous, a bit more challenging. It was saving me for something perfect for me. (I would have given more details, but there’s that blasted ‘no-romance’ rule hovering over my head)

April. The path to self-discovery started here, and it started with Edwin. For someone as confused and naive as I was, someone who I could identify with and look up to was a blessing from Up There. And he didn’t disappoint. I owe almost everything I know about life, relationships and people to him, and though back then I was headstrong and skeptical, I later found out that Edwin was  ALWAYS right. Basically, he’s priceless. (Insert your 14 year joke here. Also, pour a bucket of water over him, I think I’ve scrubbed him raw)

May. I was midway through second semester in university, and hating every single second of it. School was being a massive chien de femelle and my beliefs were in limbo, but I still wouldn’t discuss them with anyone. So I trudged on through another month while still trying to figure life out.

June. Exams were closing in and I had never felt more stressed. Dark thoughts lived with me, and I entertained them.

July. The month of my birth. At this point, I had discussed my beliefs with everyone possible, but still wasn’t satisfied. Then I learnt that some things really shouldn’t be bothered with. Adulthood was around, and that was something to be bothered about.

August. Holidays were around, and there was fun to be had. Edwin’s magnificient pieces reminded me of my prize winning essays from secondary school, and inspired me to pick up writing again. This was where Edwin and I ran into Dare, who we seemed to have a lot of stuff in common with. Pass The Salt happened, and it’s one of the things that make me feel fulfilled.

September. It was all fun x3 here. Blog was going good, and we seemed to meet at least one new person every week. (mostly from Twitter) I discovered how much fun it is to be a part of something.

October. My uncle’s wedding which inspired a poem on this blog (19th Street) happened. Edwin left me and Dare. School resumed, but I refused to. The loyalty that might someday be the end of me, showed forth and held sway over me.

November. This was certainly the climax. It had all been leading to this one month, all that I had been through, the numerous phases and changes. Everything I had learnt about life came in handy. I looked into myself, and confronted the things I had spent almost my whole life running from. I found peace, and just when The Universe saw that I was ready, it sent the Love that had eluded me my whole life, my way. (Again, the no romance rule holds back greatness)

It’s December, end of the year. I’m still catching my breath from the blitzkrieg that was November. In retrospect, the year really didn’t have any particular highs or lows, but I’m still glad for it. 2012 is going to be great, I can feel it in my bones. Adventure calls, and I am looking forward to it. Whatever comes, I hope to be ready.

Bring on the new year.


Thank you Ranti. Really smiling here. Esse takes the podium tomorrow. I’m already entertained. 🙂


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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