Day 27: Olumide

“…and the doors opened, and I beheld, as in a glass, the beauties that lay ahead, and I was overwhelmed, and I gave thanks.”

The year of our Lord 2013 has been a beautiful year for me by and by. I do not even know how to start.

I just read the 2012 review I did on this same platform last year (HERE) and even I am amazed at how different things have been thus far this year. A smile crossed my face when I realized that at the beginning of this year, I sort of thought things were perfect, but I was going to be shocked by even myself.

You know how you go into a new year hoping that it brings good tidings, and then you get in and observe that it isn’t anything like you imagined, even in your wildest dreams? That was 2013 for me. The year kicked off on a slow note; the first day found me in church, then extremely bored at a joint, eating ‘point and kill’ and, in the cacophony of noise, and cheerful banter of friends who were partly drowned in bottles of beer, my mind wandered into my head, and I recollect that I was so worried as I began to subconsciously project and turn my expectations for the new year around in my head. I had all kinds of questions – What will the new year be like? How will I cope?

With the benefit of hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have.

The year 2013 started and slowly gathered momentum. Work was going to be more this year because, towards the end of 2012, I’d agreed to take on some extra responsibility with little remuneration but very good prospects, and I eagerly looked forward to it.

The months have breezed by, the days have sped past. I must say, this year, I made impressive improvements in my relationship with my immediate family. I hope it continues to improve.

I’ve worked with an amazing team this year! Even the new people I’ve had to work with have been awesome. I think I learnt a lot too. I’ve broken new grounds, faced obstacles, studied and understudied. I’ve traveled more and slept in more hotels this year alone than I have in my entire life! I’ve learnt to tolerate people, to calmly think through situations and events, to smile, even when I’m in extreme pain, to let go and just swing in the wind; to believe – that, even when everything seems impossible and futures look bleak, to hang on and just trust.

Yeah, I’ve also strayed very far from God this year, more than I ever have. I miss the relationship I had with God, and I constantly pray that, one day, I’ll be able to retrace my steps and find myself back in a place where everything is just perfect. I’ve also learnt to get past hurt; both personal and impersonal. To give second chances, to admit when I’m wrong and make amends. I’ve also learnt that, falling hopelessly in love sometimes is as good a thing as it can get. I’ve also learnt to detach myself from dead wood; even when it comes in the likeness of friends.

I’ve worked on more projects this year, than in any other year. There has not been one moment that I haven’t had something on my hands. This year has been rewarding. I’ve made and lost friends, tried to live right by everyone, turned blind eyes, tried to be a stand-up, trustworthy guy, tried to explore more. I’ve also learnt that I have a definition of fun that’s different from my friends’, and that it’s okay, as long as we can all enjoy together.

I’m hoping and praying that I am able to finally summon up the courage and pull the resources to start a project that I’ve always had in my mind in the new year. It promises to be extremely busy for me and I’m planning to ride that wave happily.

And, again, please raise your glasses with me – Here’s to the new year – as it brings with it endless possibilities, boundless successes and incredible, amazing friendships. Here’s to love, to hope in the face of the greatest of doubts, to belief in the face of the greatest of odds, to arms that will be there for us to run into, to hearts that will continue to beat for us, even when situations and conditions say otherwise, to faith in the face of hopelessness, to triumph in the face of supposed imminent defeat, to two different but united hearts that will always and hopefully forever beat as one.

Cheers! *clinks*.


Young man, you have a lot to celebrate! And we are here waiting to continue celebrating with you from now on. Bless.


I love to learn. I love to teach. For me the two are the same.


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